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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let's Listen . . .

Item featured in Kennedy School, Portland Oregon


Let's listen to Miss Lucy . . . quiet, almost minimalistic; sometimes ethereal and dreamy . . . sometimes warm and deep . . . but always something passionate in the spirit of the music . . . Here is her entire playlist on Jamendo which includes two albums: "Oldies 2011-2014" and  "Intrusion EP." We hope to hear more from her.


Let's listen to the various styles of rock, as articulated by the instrumentals and guitars of Autoandimat (an interesting but impersonal name). The music has a variety of flavors: from the sublimely exotic, to the dramatic film themes, to some delightful bluesy rocking guitar. As of today, the artist has installed five albums on Jamendo. 


Let's listen to some French Celtic NewAge Folk . . . I love the vocals here . . . sentimental and warm. Very beautiful! This artist has several albums on Jamendo and this is just the latest. He specializes in the Celtic Harp sounds . . . and his harp is divine . . . perhaps he is an angel among us.


Let's listen to the compelling, unique sounds of Septi . . . as this artist unravels our emotions and dreams within the music . . . There are more albums to explore . . . hop on over to his page and find them there, on Jamendo.