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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year (and several short reviews)

My wish for all, as expressed on my FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/barbara.wolfsong):

Here is to us and a Happy New Year . . . May we become kinder to ourselves, this new year, so we can be kinder to others and thus . . .. to find peace in our hearts . . . May we look for the humor in our daily lives . . . and find joy in the small things . . . May we chose to make small children smile with happiness and give all creatures comfort . . . May we respect the innocent wisdom of the elderly and the young for they are close to God's heart . . . So. . . beauty, peace, innocence and joy will fill your hearts with warmth, truth, and creative energy . . . 

*P*E*A*C*E* *J*O*Y* & *L*O*V*E* 
to everyone !

Some music to share the spirit of the new year . . . 


First, a little bit of auditory fireworks . . . a short, enjoyable music and visually inspiring . . . 


This music fills my soul with peacefulness and my heart with joy and my body with stillness . . . A lovely album indeed!


Dramatically beautiful! Something is moving, creating, deep inside this music . . . driving the listener to dive deep . . . breath the music and be enveloped my its energies . . . 


Nice hoppy popping music . . . or smooth and mellow . . . the vocals were great, especially the woman's mellow bluesy clubby sound. My feet couldn't stop moving and my listening ear was captivated.


Subtly relaxing and vividly uplifting . . . dream of the stars and give yourself wings by listening to this delightful music.


These pieces are somewhat Celtic and Ozark-ish . . . Definitely put your dancing shoes on when ready to listen, as these fiddle tunes will drive your feet wild . . . These had a traditional sound . ..  with lots of energy and emotion . . . sadly, some of these tracks seemed to be cut  a little bit short, yet were still delightful to fill the atmosphere with glistens of sunshine and dreams.


So warm the guitar .  .  . so uplifting the delightful twinkles of music as it splashes your soul with color and dance . . ..


Cool and enlightening . . . the music of Tunguska fills the air waves with the secret language of peace. 


Dramatic and emotional . . . great movie music and energizing for an evening's listen . . . Excellent stuff here! The strings have a flow like the wind through the trees .. .. "Magical" is the perfect description!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Connection Through Music . . .

Tags: ambient, electroacoustic, worldinstrumental

Something in our DNA responds to the songs wafting to us from our ancient ancestors, spawned deep in their souls as they were sleeping beneath the stars or running through the tundra . . .  Though, today, we may be engulfed by our cities or flinging ourselves into the depths of space, our connection to this mother rock is never shaken. Van Syla's new track, gives "Evidence" of that . .  an earthy, primordial connection rises up through the notes and instrumental sounds like dust from beneath the feet of midnight dancers . . . ancient dust which flies into the sparks of the fire . . . sparks reaching to the stars . . . dancing through time.


Tags: rock, instrumental, experiment, ambient, chillout

Well, I wanted to try something/someone new on Jamendo and I clicked
and clicked until I found something that clicked with me . . . these cool, smooth,
sounds of "electric dog" captivated my ear and made me pause to listen.
And I stayed and stayed through this cool chill which somehow soothed
me . . . filling my soul with insight and dreams . . .


Tags:  piano, instrumental, ambient, poems, synthesizer

Light and pretty, most of this music fills my soul with joy.  I do tend
to like music without vocals much better than those with, but these
were quite striking  . . . and the music was fun.  
This album was all very creative and some of these pieces were
quite attention-getting . . . and made me stop and listen, for sure.


Tags:  metal, techno, instrumental, electronic, electrometal

A very nice surprise . .  this electronic music full of melodies and powerful shots of energy . . . vibrated me into dance and movement and a happy mood . . . Definitely a great listen.


Tags:  instrumental, electronic, relaxing, christmas, tunguska

Enlightening and energizing as usual . . . with exceptional music created by exceptional musicians . . . unique and beautiful! I think everyone on Jamendo drops everything
to listen to Tunguska's newest albums . . . always a delight!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fly Away With Music . . .

Summer memories and dreams of golden warmth wrap themselves around you, like a favorite blanket, as you listen to these embroidered delicate piano tunes.  .   .  Beautiful memories to take away the chill of Winter's presence . . . 


Herein find the wings to fly and the hope that peace will transform the world of humankind . . . the music from around the world is beautiful and sensitive . . . an emotional charge, an uplifting experience!


This artist always creates some of my favorite relaxation music . . . chill and dream . . .  All the cells of my body experience a tropical island with white sands, the shushing of peaceful waves against the shore and the beauty of blue skies and brilliant sunsets . . Like a vacation of the dreams . . . I can fly away.


Mellow and dreamy . . . this guitar loves my heart and fills me with peaceful memories and pleasant dreams . . . 


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Lights . . .

The dark of winter .  . brings the longing for warmth and light . . . and thus we search and find the bright in life that builds our souls and fills our hearts and warms the depths of our very being . . . music and stars at night are more beautiful than ever . . . so here is the music . . . you look for the stars . . .

The Piano Guys are an interesting crew of pianists and cellists with great holiday music. Check them out on YouTube:


Here is a two hour jazzy fireplace video with holiday music that will get your feet to tapping and a smile stretched across your face . . .  The producer remastered all the music so it seamlessly falls into place as you listen and enjoy the warm embrace of the fireplace . . .

List of titles can be found on the youtube page along with the download list.


This is one of my most favorite winter albums on Jamendo (2009, Peace of Winter). Not necessarily a traditional holiday music but sure fits into the theme . .  .


And these gorgeous guitar pieces . . . Melt into this mellow traditional holiday music.


These lovely traditional Christmas carols (mostly piano) will heal your heart and fill you with sentimental memories.


More guitar as described, . .  lovely tranquil listening . . . . Relax:


And finally the sounds of Winter's breath, by a guy who can make life (and death) come even more alive with the touch of his fingers:


That's all for now . . .  More later if I run into anything I can't live without . . . but in the meantime there is plenty here for hours of enjoyment!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ZEN . . . Chill . . . RELAX! Take a deep breath . . . and listen . . .

So, what appeals to me, when I am choosing an album to listen to ? Album cover, title, and tags, and often familiarity with the musician helps, but not always. Today's share has all new artists, to me, except for Mancy, one of my all time favorites.  Also mood is a determinant regarding my picks. What was I hungry for today . . .? . . .  Well, as it turned out, relaxing sounds . . . peaceful, sentimental, and ambient.  I also look or a hefty album with plenty of music, and an easy to use widget so I can easily share it on my blogs. 

Tags:  triphop, hiphop, instrumental, ambient, abstract

Echoes of jazz and shadows of star music . . .  I loved this music
and wished it was one long track instead of cut-up like it was . .. 
I loved the ether-worldly connection . . . the transcendental feel . . .
There was enough day-dreamy feelings here to feed the dreams of
an entire sleeping city . . .
(Twenty-one tracks)


Tags:  piano, orchestral, strings, other, guitar

A liquid flow of music . . . like dreams, or balloons floating 
on the breeze . . . perhaps stars fly across the sky, like angels, 
so tender to the raw soul . . . and calms the moment, sweetly,
dancing . . . the sparkle of music (Twelve tracks)


Tags:  lounge, jazz, piano, instrumental, orchestral

Lovely, sentimental with sepia undertones .. .. a slow, daydreamy
style of music.  I loved the concept for this album, "Old Photo,"
which struck me as very imaginative and with a little bit of old
fashioned jazzy sounds . . . it all went well together and added
to the ambience and notes of dreamy memories.  (Fifteen tracks)


Tags:  piano, instrumental, cosmic, chillout, synthesizer

A deliciously delicate flow of music, wraps itself around 
the ears of the listener like a colorful quilt. Perhaps I hear 
the angels sing . . . . and the seasons of eternity
are recharged with the sound of music, dramatic and emotional.
(Four Tracks)


Tags:  newage, soundtrack, cubase, plugin

Twinkling with brightness; like being in a video game . . . 
Visual and happy, upbeat and slightly energizing, sometimes 
almost trancelike . . . Puts a smile on my face! 
Dynamic and shiny! (Seven tracks)


Tags:  ambient, film, soundscape, acoustic, classical

Tender glimpses of eternity, through the depth of a sky
and the resonation of the piano, reverberating through the quiet . . .
Lovely and peaceful! (Three tracks)


Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Quick Share . . .

Folk Music perfection . . . Jill Zimmerman . . .
Listen to her sweet voice and you too will fall in love: