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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taste of Dream . . .


When I discovered him, on Jamendo, I immediately fell in love with his music . . . always interesting, with a bit of spice through melody or percussion . . . his dreams are welcoming to the listener and takes them on a voyage of pleasure and peace . . . From Jazz to Chill . . . from Ambient to World . . . these are spectacular listens . . . so enjoy:

Andrea Soru 'Jabaro'
Taste Of Dream

FaceBook link: https://www.facebook.com/TheTasteOfDream

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This is an album selected from Jamendo . . . an older offering but so delightful . . .

For this album, as "orangeupurple" I commented:

"Jazzy, bluesy, world . . . sunny, happy . . . music full of sparkling blue skies . . . and poppy music . .. an amalgam of many genre's under this lovely album cover. We went from the graceful and happy ethnic tune, "Warm your feet," to a gorgeous, dreamy song, "Lost in a daydream" with so much richness added by way of lovely percussion, flutes, beautiful strokes painted in with ethnic vocals, and carefully chosen instruments to add a world flavor. If I were to pick one tag for this album I would pick "sunny" = bright + cheerful = uplifting . . . I loved the personable and outstanding female singer in "Cool like ice hot like fire." "Follow me" a little bit of uplifting reggae/hip-hop with some great atmospheric sounds and a nice level tune . . . "Lonely hunter," was just so potent, an almost ambient tune which had a very strikingly touching melody. I wish I had the time to describe all the songs on this album . . . there wasn't a single one that missed the mark. They all were carefully crafted to fit into this "Lovely" sunshiny album . . . ready to pounce on the low spirits and lift them up into the beautiful blue and warm loving places. This album was a true joy to the listening soul. M^^W"

This album is newer and offered on Bandcamp. It has a throbbing Asian feel and the taste of exotic spices, with the chill of Eastern instruments and the welcome of formal, calming melodies.



Right from the Top!

Usually, I must sort through album after album to find something to my taste . . . But today, I was able to find some extraordinary music . . . to light your day, right from the top page.
Happy me!

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EIVISSA SALINAS feat. DJ HSERES, "Savage Summer"

This song was way too sexy to play for my young students, but it certainly was a delightful listen this morning, for me . . . wakes you up and not only turns you on but moves your energies into dance mode . . . I loved the horn interludes . . . and the feeling of a hot dance on an exotic beach with beautiful companions . ..  This was a wonderful track . . .


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Joka L. "Country Fantasy"

Normally, I wouldn't try an album like this, because I look for creative and beautiful album covers, and this album cover was quite boring . . . and I wonder about the name of the artist . . . but I gave it a tentative try . .  and Surprise! I loved it! The music was creative and beautiful and each track was unique, yet harmonious with the overall scheme. I loved the track, "Pirate Tavern" as it was quirky with a sense of fun . . . and "Silent NIght" (not a Christmas song) was pensive piano,  simple with a repetitive nature . .. The music is worth a taste, and perhaps you will enjoy it too . . ..  And, so, I am always learning not to judge a book by its cover . ..  or an album . . .. 



Keep an eye on this guy . . . or should I say: EAR! I cannot find a sour note in all of the music that I have listened to so far in these two new albums . . . One, is powerfully wonderful jazziness in all its glory, 

and the other, a peaceful journey . . . a dream flowing through the airwaves . . . a vision of Heaven . . .. 

"The Journey Has Begun"

Oh MY! Indeed the journey has begun . .. a quiet flute, a mighty storm .. .. captivating this listener with an intrigue of mystery, peacefulness . . . and a voyage into that moment that lasts forever . .. . sweeping you up into a dreamtime that gives unique visions and emotions . . .

"Jazzy Side of Billy James"

Jazz . ..  what can I say . . . in all its temperaments . . it is warm and always gives those bone good feelings, wiping away the blues . . . This is deep and very expressive jazz . . .


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Speaking to the Heart . . . Jazz and Guitar

Régis V. Gronoff, "A Winter in Babylon"

Jazz is one of those genres which can speak to anything . . . bringing warmth and musing to your heart, it can capture the entire range of human emotions while maintaining a bright ray of hope. This generous jazzy album, with an improvisational/funky style, reveals the core of the musician's heart as he contemplates the human condition regarding love and loss . . . An album which is a definite must for jazz aficionados . . . I think my favorite was "Back There With Miles and Trane," a track which honors two of jazz's all-time greats . . .  a very moving piece!


Quietly Concerned, "Homeless"

This stunning, debut album, has quite captivated my heart and feelings . . . regarding love, within a range of human conditions  .. .. after all .. .. aren't we, every one of us, searching for love and a place called Home . .. this quest is something that guides us and motivates us, throughout our lives . . . we search for the niche . . . that place where we know we belong, where we can reciprocate and give of our soul, and the people will love us . . . no matter what  . . . and we will love them too . . . 

The singer, with his warm, mellow vocals; thoughtful and somewhat pensive at times . . the lyrics filled with meaning, compassion, and empathy,  the guitar and harmonica . . . were all so dreamy and heart touching. . . an album to be listened to over and over .  . . an album which is a gift to our hearts . . . and a music to share . . .  as we dream of a better world . .. 


Monday, May 27, 2013

The Mind Orchestra

The Mind Orchestra, "Devoured By The Comfort Zone (Promo)"


Rather mind blowing that more than 25 musicians could get together to produce such an outstanding work of art . .  and this was just the "promo?" These were eclectic, exotic, ecstatic, entertaining, and a complete surprise at each turn of the disc . . . different styles of music yet all so appealing . . . . everyone who loves music will love something from their offerings . . .

I can't wait until the whole album is published . . .

Check out their link:  http://www.themindorchestra.com/About-Us.html

Trying to play catchup . . . (or, My Hands Hurt)

My hands hurt

I have a painful condition on the skin of my fingers and palms

that causes them to split . . . not a pretty sight .  .  .
and four of my fingers are split on  the ends . . . 
and typing does NOT help . . . (normally I am a very fast typist)
I cannot write at great lengths as is my wont . . .

But here are my latest listens with a word or two . . . I will add to them 

as the day progresses . . . and in no particular order . . .

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Marcus Helianthus, "Galactical Respiration"

A cool flow of music, like balm to the soul; or a tapestry of stars as we travel through the galaxies . . . we breath deeply as we listen and visualize . . . our soul is relieved . . . and our dreams are refreshened .. . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Dreamweaver, "Mountain Meditation"

Love the name of this artist, because it describes their music quite nicely . . . music to weave dreams within the heart and soul of the listener . . . smooth and cool yet with tempos that enlarge the melodic horizons . . . have been enjoying these tracks for a while now . . .  and continue to find these dreamy and relaxing.


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Kellerkind, ". . . follow"

The intro beat of "Easy" was so captivating that one could not help, but "follow."
The music was like ripples of water, flowing through my being . . . cool and calm . . .  enticing and enlightening . . . or a peach colored break of day . . dewdrops clustered like pearls . . . cooling after the heat of summer . . . or like a late lavender sunset, burning embers on the ocean bed . . . dreams that flow, like music across the endless soul . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

ALAN.B,  "le temps d' une solitude"

Seems that time slows down, when one is alone . . . the comfort of solitude is that of peacefulness and relaxation . . . the sounds of life flow like gentle breezes . . . warming the soul and filling the listener with the breath of the environment, and the dream of hope  . . . this music is full of charm and comfort, tenderness and joy .. .. a unique and uplifting listen!


Enough for now . . . Will send more later . . . 


Noise Flower


A little share of one of my favorite FaceBook friends . . . with a career as a doula, strong and sexy, with attitude, and a composer who makes music to light my life . . . I am intrigued by her . . .  I often look for her latest music. "Nightlight" is a fluid rock piece with an uplifting demeanor, full of light and energy.

I'm quite impressed with this music . . . strong beats and intros . . . labeled as electronic, new-wave . ..  this music has a clear . ..  cool quality, inspiring and spiriting . . ..  simply some of the best around . . Here is a play-listing (102 tracks long) from Reverbnation" 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Day Weekend at the Door . . .

Well, the weekend is nearly here . . . and after a few exhausting weeks at work, I hope to catch up on my listening and writing . . . I am planning on a peaceful weekend . . . and music always lends itself well to rest and relaxation . .  anyway, MY favorite music does . . .

This is a good start toward that:

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Beam Fragment, "Kaleidoscope"

As I listened I sensed that the various instruments create such a plethora of thoughts and inner visions . . . in particular the lengthy "Kaleidoscope" track captivated my fancy . . . especially that soulful harmonica . . .wrenching at my heart like a sentimental dream.  These are mood setting pieces . . . slow like a smooth flowing river with ripples and light beams that tell an eternal story . . . I couldn't take my ears off this album . .  Each unique track with its own message . .  "Babel" with the interesting vocals and "Mirror Of Time" fragmented and reflective . . . bouncing with lines of light reflecting over and over bringing in the melody of beauty . . . 

The music over all was relaxing, but interesting and it felt as if the artist had used enormously creative endeavors to put together a seamless voyage for the listeners . . I am looking forward to hearing more from this artist!


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

SiJ, "Land Of The Mind"

Quiet, slow, introspective . . . gathering motes of sound as it progresses . .  a feeling of floating gently through the atmosphere . . . meditative and peaceful . . . such is my first impression as I listen to "Endless Journey." The music stays true to form, throughout, with this style, yet continues to captivate my interest and mood . . .the sounds of the environment (birds, winds, rain, storm, etc) are expertly woven through with instrumental variety . . The newage track, "Temple Of Neuronáutica" was quite dark with muttering vocals giving a feeling of fantasy come to life . . .  Overall an excellent album to have as background music to accompany quiet activities or perhaps a nature video . . . Loved it!


How about this bluesy, jazzy piano . . . OH MY . . . has caught my ears from the first . .. my heart warms up and I am enthralled:


Or give me a piano solo any day . ..  what is it about the piano that captures the emotions so readily? *S*I*G*H*  be still my heart:

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

BEYER Cédric, "Voyage"

So much beauty in this piano music . .. such a romantic flow with a delicate employment of emotions and drama . .  the fingers flew over the keys with confidence and grace . . . This was such a captivating listen that I couldn't stop playing these five delicious and generous tracks . .  creating a truly delightful afternoon for this listener.


How about something dark and dreamy?:


I will add reviews later . . . still trying to find a browser that will work with Jamendo's music player without halting in the middle and refusing to budge.  I haven't had any trouble with the widgets working, so I usually listen from my pages, once I find something I like. And these have captivated my interest . .. . 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Music from Magnatunes:

My listen for the day .. .. ..

If you don't have a subscription you will hear a warm voice mentioning the name of the track and the name of the site . . .

Moon Dreaming by Russ Hopkins and Jerry Palmer

More than just new age . . . this album brings familiar, acoustic and exotic instruments and melodies into the language of its theme, "Moon Dreaming," where the stark shadows and lights of the moon paint colors beyond the vision of the eyes . . . while gathering up the incense of nature and life, weaves the whole into a wondrous music. This is dreaming music . . . creating visionaries as the listeners find a strong sense of peacefulness . . . 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nice for background, relaxing or otherwise:

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Soft and easy on the nerves . . yet happy and upbeat . . .  a smooth jazz worthy of a listen . . . 

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Michiboux, "Intime"

I've been enjoying this lovely album for days and days now. . .  it has the appeal of cool jazz, relaxation music, with a beautiful liquid flow and a sensitivity to maintaining interest . .  the music has a few extra spices which adds a bit of color and the saxophone is so peaceful and touching . . ..  


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Ton, "The untamed playground"

An acoustic guitar leads the way . . . carrying the golden vibes into our hearts and the rest of the music . ..  follows so peacefully . . . or tenderly with a little melancholy . . . sentimental dreaminess. . . I especially loved, "Rain Resillience" which moved me, most deeply . . . My only complaint is that some of the songs are way too short . .  but I listened for hours . . . so that made up for that!


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Klony, "Preludium"

Night and day . . . 
the music, the melody . ..  
fills my soul with song . . . 
gives me wings . . . 
gives me freedom to fly . .. 
dreams of hope for what tomorrow brings . . . 
memories of yesterday
passion and love . .. 
heartache and sorrow . . .
the music is my gift
and I cherish it deeply . . .
this electronic music has been thoughtfully put together . . . and I am loving it very much!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Few Good Tracks!

PeerGynt Lobogris, "Rock The Moon (Single)

I could listen to Lobogris . . . slick electric guitar for hours . ..  hot and vivacious . ..  a personality that shines and envelopes the listener in an excitement that is hard to describe .  . . . .  Wonderful that this experienced musician has kept all of his albums on Jamendo . . .  His music is a treat for the soul.


GingerTom, "Music And The Movies 4"

A puzzle . ..  bits and pieces . . .  wafting around us like a question, never answered in a world where a poisonous fog keeps the populace complacent . . .This music gave me chills . . . the creepy kind; and I have suspected, for a hundred thousand years, that this world is run by a cadre of devious aliens. That dominant marching sound, in the tract, made me think of the North Korean army  . .  with dreams of controlling the world, there is no control of even the self; for true nature oozes out like green blood from a dying dragon's wound  . . . But perhaps this story was about a more subtle type of appropriation . . . easily done through lies and manipulating by the powerful who have no compunction nor guilt . . . where greed and money walk hand in hand and a gray man in a gray suit points the finger of blame . . . and slowly the world is overcome. This was a very different style of music, for GingerTom . . . with so many vivid sounds seamlessly blended to shake the emotions and startle the senses . . . it manipulates the mind to visualize and empathize with the story teller . .. Excellent job!


Stefano mocini, "Eh ya"

Remember how you felt, when you watched the sun set, in glorious colors, and the rays of light reached into the endless cosmos, and the breeze cooled your cheeks as you looked into heaven  . ..  and you felt as if you could fly that way . . . your heart reached up, higher and higher . .  Eh Ya . ..  it felt like that! My only complaint, Mr. Mocini, was that it was too short . . . !!


Marcin brzozowski, "Cello and Piano"

Magical, atmospheric . . . the cello and the piano carry a delicate beauty that rivals the muted colors of spring . . . This composition has a lovely flow and a relaxing demeanor, and I wished there was more of it . . .  that emotional, sensitive, melancholy dreaminess was a perfect centerpiece for a quiet evening . ..  This is a beautifully harmonious example of the perfect companionship of Cello and Piano.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wolfsong, by Peter kind

Peter kind, "Wolfsong"

I cannot resist a song that carries my name . . . for I expect to find the power that gives me wings to fly . . . and character, with hopes to dream  . . .  and I was surely not disappointed by this song . . . so beautiful, so strong with harmonious and peaceful breezes; and the flow of angels as they swept by, carrying hope, inner joy, and torches glowing, lighting the way like an ember, always ready to burst into flame or heat the heart with memories of song and love  .. .. I dreamed of wolves running through the land, free to be . . . free to sing . . . free to grace us with the shape of song as it lifts our spirit . . . and the shadow of the music will settle in my heart, a melody of perfection.

****************** Thank you for sharing this beautiful "Wolfsong" ************************

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Three of my latest favorites (May 11, 2013)

Aufklarung, "Three Classical Pieces for Two Guitars"

Beautiful acoustic sound of guitars on these three tracks . . . warm and mellow, an altogether, too short peaceful interlude . . . a sweet conspiracy between two guitars to melt your heart . . 


Noblemo "electro,techno,house", "BELLA"

Lovely, generous and beautifully lively . . . The piano is the main feature, with Noblemo's joyful bouncing fingers . . .  his music makes me feel as if I were dancing in a field of alpine flowers . . . blue skies and fluffy clouds . . . all that makes my heart lift up . . .  and feel happy . . .


Herald Bit, "Journey back"

Unique sounds and flowing melodies inspire the dreamer in us . . . as we listen, we feel relaxed and imbued with the power of flight as the chilly winds of the music lift us higher . . .  each song brings back a treasured memory . . . a liquid dream as I stand by the sea . .. the moments of time as they pass by . .  this was an album that I played for hours as I relaxed and enjoyed . . 


Monday, May 6, 2013

New Electronica

Mélodie en sous-sol, "cement garden"

At times, thoughtful serenity .. a dreamy perspective .  . the heart beat, of the music, drew deep breaths within my soul .  . . Then there were the jazzy moments . . . down to earth . . . at times, maybe, too changeable ("Man With A Gun"), yet always interesting as if describing an episode, a story . . . The exotic "Indra" was my favorite . . . taking me down a long mysterious road . . . and when the guitar came in . . . it added an aura of hope . . . a peaceful, mellow ride . . . . 


Ambient Sounddesign, "Ethno World Meditation"

As of today, May 6, 2013, This artist has 83 tracks on Jamendo . . . and they just started adding them a few weeks ago! Amazingly nice music! Of course I've been focused on the one album, lately, but since I love chill, trance and other relaxing music I will find myself checking out this collection often. I have already mentioned them in an earlier posting but since I've been enjoying this music, I wanted to further expound on their offerings.

The album, which I am reviewing today, is basically world new-age; mostly Eastern exotic styled, electronica . .. very nicely put together so as to create a seamless flow . .  the sounds of the flute, strings, bells, and other unique instruments were relaxing and flavorful with the essence of Asia, Australia, Celtic and others . . This is wonderful background music with a pure, flawless, creative, interesting appeal . . . I've been listening and enjoying this one album for days . ..