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Magnatune . . .

I have a lifetime subscription to Magnatune, where sometimes I find the most beautiful music. I will not write reviews for these, normally, but I want to find a place to share them. The links will be here, but remember, that if you are not a subscriber you might have to hear an occasional announcement (tastefully done but still annoying).

Magnatune . . .  sometimes the music is so beautiful that the tears begin to flow . . .


One of my long time Magnatune favorites is Jami Sieber. I cannot get enough of her music which feels like tender touches on the still beating heart . ..  it sounds like poetry to the ears . .. like peace . . . like love . . .. Dancing around the cello are exotic and unique instruments like bells, and percussion of many descriptions . .  and most unique of all are the rare vocals . ..

This is clear music . .. flowing like the still ripples of an alpine stream . . . crystal and reflective . . warm and gentle in the sun . . .

Jami Sieber:

Hidden Sky by Jami Sieber


A new favorite, discovery on Magnatunes: Giorgio Costantini

PianoPianoForte by Giorgio Costantini




  1. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=969094&content=music

    Please review our album. Drummer just died recently formerly a 4 piece now 3 but the show goes on. Godwilling we might join the Magnatune stable if they like our album but a pre review would be nice from you thankyou. The album is called Phoenix Rising and our band is the one and only Drops Of Light band. Thanks Vince Ruello guitarist and vocalist

    1. A review is posted for your group: http://wolfsongsmusic.blogspot.com/2013/08/drops-of-light.html

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  3. Thankyou so much Barbara for the review,we hope to one day give you another great album to write about cheers from Vincent