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Monday, August 19, 2013

Fragor Project

Fragor Project, "Usque ad noctem"

Tags: dark wave, ambient, melancholic, ethereal, neoclassical

On browsing, in the long playlists of Jamendo, I often get bored and disappointed . . . but when this music began to play . . . the piano twinkled like starlight through the darkness, and through it all the spirit was lifted out of its morass, and somehow absolved and reprieved from continuous dismay. This music is not upbeat but it does have its way of uplifting the listener with clear waves of music, as solemn as ritual, yet as beautiful as moon glow . . .

Perhaps the music, dark and dreamy, takes the listener into a place of solitude, where they could find rest and peacefulness . . . a place alone and away from the stress of daily life, and into a region where one could hear the throb of the heartbeat of nature . . . of existence . . . the sound of the galaxies flying through the cosmos . . . 

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Fragor Project, "Throb"

Tags: dark wave, ambient, melancholic, ethereal, neoclassical


Saturday, August 10, 2013

So Much Music . . . I'm Speechless . . . well, maybe not . . .

JMB, "Alternate point of views"

Tags: lounge, instrumental, soundtrack, alternative, electronik

So many pieces and so enjoyable . . . I had these playing for me while I worked outside, enjoying the weather . . . these were quite creative. Definitely a different perspective, yet music which relaxed or energized, as the listener interprets . . . .

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Bethke-Musik, "Inspirate"

Tags: instrumental, percussion, chillout, choir, atmosphere

Long and slow . .  mysterious, enchanting, and cool with warm breezes . .  a wonderfully refreshing, inspiring  interlude after a hot day . .  Music that fills my eyes full of vision and my heart full of smiles . . . This creative genius has done it again!


-Maze-, "Mountain Lounge"

Tags: lounge, chillout, pleasant, imaginary, picturesque

"Solitude" was simply divine . . . peace . . . and heart . . . a soul that twists away from the darkness to shine in the light . . . so beautiful!

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Dom The Bear, "Places with a postcard"

Tags: electronic, soundtrack, ambient, bear, dom

Very imaginative title .. . and the creative music was like a tapestry . . . or more like a patchwork quilt . ..  first song was music that begins with a soft vocalizing . . . like being in a cafe . . . and next came "Soul Splitter" which emphasized the metallic noise . . . vibrating through the bones . . .  other songs were poetic and dreamy . . . some romantic and steamy .. . or trance and speedy,. . . well, you get the picture. . . This album was bright with lots of color, texture and vibrancy . . . with instruments just as eclectic and inventive as the whole picture  . . . beautifully balancing the human voice with the flow of melody and instrumentality . .  An excellent listen.  I liked this album . .  each corner was a new surprise .  . lots of fun!

P.S. It is advisable to go to the page to listen to the album as there are some interesting liner notes regarding the songs.

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Löhstana David, "Le petit album de l'été"
Tags: folk, singersongwriter, acoustic, popfolk, acoustic

This warm mellow album was full of the delightful sounds of the French singer and his spectacular guitar . ..  mostly folk but also mild flavors of rock and blues . ..  I became mesmerized by this music and the emotion it projected which was mostly uplifting . . . Beautiful!

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Rune X -Natural Northern Darkness-, "Ocean (Single2013Improvisation)"

Tags: piano, postrock, ambient, avantgarde, northern

All I can say is, "awful lot of brightness in that darkness" . . . but of course . .  the dark is never completely absent of light  . . . it is full of ambient light, the colors of stars, like flowers blooming on dark satin . . . or the flashes of our thoughts as they turn into electric beams . . reflecting and dancing through the night . . . and particularly the luminous ocean glows in the night . . . like the warm flesh of billions of living and dying creatures nurtured by the sustenance of those briny waters .  .this piano was delightfully aglow . . . an added enjoyment to my day. . .  or night . . . 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Eclectic Mix of Some Pretty Good Stuff . . .

Ken Verheecke, "Spring Reflections"

Tags: instrumental, new, peaceful, age, relaxing

The tags say it all! The guitar music is warm, mellow and so full of peace, the listener could just float out of their body and far away into the delicate energies of gentle memories, time and place . . . I find myself dreaming when I listen to this and I feel my heart wrap around the harmonic melodies . . . as if all of existence becomes one with the universe .  .  .


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Butterfly Tea, "Asian Universe"

Tags: world, electronic, asian, instrumental

Right away, in "Chinese Fantasy V2," the thrum of drums, guitar and the mysterious call of flutes aroused my interest . . . Butterfly Tea is an expert at using an excellent collection of instruments to garner the sensations from the exotic atmosphere of the Far East, the magic of Asia  . ..  Shadows and sunshine play and weave throughout, and the imagination is captivated by the impression that the music imparts . . .  Heavy drama and graceful fantasy fill the emotional visions of the listener . . . These are beautiful and quite enticing for the adventurous listener . . .


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Sonic Mystery, "Collected Lounge Works"

Tags: lounge, sexy, chillout, relaxing, jazzy

This album is so nice to play in the evening . . . a beautiful dinner accompaniment and a calming interlude during the day . . . The music is melodious and catchy with a smooth flow. A very nice album to add to your Chill playlist. So happy to see Sonic Mystery back with some new music . . . they have always been favorites of mine.


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Simon Slator, "The Mosaic Effect"

Tags:  instrumental, electronic, melodic, progressive, oldfield

Bell-like sounds and brilliant orchestral influences motivate these excellent compositions. The sounds speak with the language of fresh, happy music . . . uplifting with a slight sentimental appeal . . . Overall, these tunes are melodic and inspiring . . . a beautiful music to let play while reading or relaxing.


Void Project, "El Derecho a la Pereza"

Tags: instrumental, downtempo, electronic, idm, chillout

I must say, that I didn't expect much from this album, since there are no titles or names for the tracks .  . just numbers . . . from 1 to 11 . .  but then we can't be creative in all ways and perhaps the artist is too busy making music to make up titles for his pieces .. ..  and since the music is absorbing and delightful . . soothing and calm . .  beautifully warm and cool . . . melodic and lovely . . . it doesn't really matter that they don't have names .  . it's the music I am focused on . .  

As I listened, I found that this music is giving me a place to retreat and relax . .  to be at peace . . . to heal .  . I particularly liked #9 with the tone and tiny electronic voices sparkling through the piece. I must also add that I felt inspired as I listened . . . felt uplifted and poetic . . . felt creative and happily content . . .. because of this . . . this album is my favorite of the day!  Very enjoyable! Totally addicting!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Peace . . .

Borys Kuczkowski, "Random Hues of Sunshine"

Tags: downtempo, beats, minimal, electronicambient, chillwave

These pieces are poetic and minimalistic without being drone . . . I found that I felt relaxed and at peace as I listened . . . they seemed to have a healing aspect with a sense of presence and somehow there is an underlying dark feeling relating to our temporal existence . . . on the verges, one feels an entity gathering and holding together the reality of an unseen essence on earth  . . The track #7 was quite stunning . .  .. .. .. moving me closer to the speakers to gather every nuance of this composition . . . bits and pieces of sound . . . the beat, the groans, the flavor of breath . . .


Dom The Bear, "Arrakis ( live impro )

Tags: soundtrack, ambient, synthesizer, electronical, newageinstrumental

Mysterious and dreamy . .  this seems like a space trip . . . this listener visualizes swooping flights through time and peaceful atmospheres and the colors of space. The song of the dreaming angel permeates this piece throughout, building a bridge between the earthly and the heavenly  . . . Within the same song there are feelings which are both gentle and strong . .. passionate and peaceful . .. of humanity and the ethereal . . flame and ice . ..  'Tis a long voyage, like life, full of wonder and vision . . . Put on your wings, and dream . . . Excellent!

Edit: Check out this information on Arrakis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrakis
One of my favorite novels was "Dune" . .  isn't it everyone's favorite?


The Kinky Fingers, "Make You Happy"

Tags: rock, blues, happy, kinky, fingers

I was attracted to the album title, initially (I like happy things) . . . and then I was captivated by the sound and especially that quirky, emotional voice.  The kind of sonorousness you would hear in a smoky bar . . . setting a mood, an emotion . . . whatever the singer wishes to express . . . a little bit of sad darkness with a spark of hope. Very nice, rocking blues . .. 


Peter kind, "The secret of the universe"

Tags: instrumental

The theme of this album, being about the hidden tunnels in the pyramid, Cheops, and some findings therein . . . captivated my curiosity and of course I had to check it out . .  here is a link to the information I found: "News Network, Archaeology"

The music, on the other hand is well worth the listen, as it is quite enjoyable just in and of itself . . . various, expertly woven tunes with meaningful emotions and expressions .. . . . .. all depicting the pyramids and the area . .  the mystery of the relics and constructions . . . The magic of the music is inspirational and creative. . .  Very nice!


Massimo Bosco, "Alaya"

Tags: world, newage, ethno, meditative, buddhist

One of my very favorite genres is this floating style of "newage" which seems to give me an inner peace, just through the listening . .  I can dream and soar into the arms of the stars, through the cosmos to where the darkness glows with the thoughts of the galaxies . . . neighborhoods of mystery . . . Dreams of eternity . . . Perfect!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Music for the Dreaming Time . . .

Stefan Eckhardt, "Sphere"

Tags: synthesizer, meditative, experimental

These three spheres, like the chilling wind, blow round and full . . . a coolness settles in the bones . . . a fragility that demands awareness of something beyond . . .  The ears gather the shards of music, like baskets lifting up clear water . . . slipping away and through, into a peaceful atmosphere . . . the sounds join the ever present breeze and flows with angel wings into eternity . . . These three spheres were stunning . . . impressing this dreaming listener . . . I can listen again and again . . .and take my time, walking in the heavens . . .


andre zimmermann, "andre zimmermann piano jazz"

Tags: jazz, piano, musique, solo, acoustic

This is piano music that paints the stars in the sky . . . artistic and inventive and somewhat mind blowing . . .  I couldn't tear my ear away from the listening . . . especially that brilliant piano . . . violently stormy and expressive in "Hymne Sans Fin"  . . . like a thunderstorm approaching . . . as devilish as ancient dreams . . . the piano plays like percussion . . .  a tapestry of the stars unfolds with shattering visions and streaks of light . . . an eight minute dynamic rumble of melodic passion . . . As with the rest of the songs . . . if someone can play the piano with this much vision and expression, then they wear their heart for all to hear . . . that musical throbbing is but the song of the angels . . . so very good to bathe your ears in these honeyed sounds! 


Noblemo "piano,sountrack,lounge" , "FLY"

Tags: piano, instrumental, electronic, soundtrack, ambient

Music, like poetry, sets the emotions with simple sweeps of the tangible tools, yet expands the horizons from the heart and soul of the artist. Noblemo has a striking talent at doing that . .  expressing himself so thoroughly via his musical instruments . .  the piano and others, leaving a resounding echo in our responsive feelings. This album had an impact on me . . . creating smiles, thoughts, dance moves and pure enjoyment . . . I particularly loved the beats and flying sounds of "House Connect Me" . . . driven, with earthy sounds and danceable . . .


FKmusic, "Atmosphere"

Tags: electropop, melody, atmosphere, electronical, instrumentalmusik

This calming, atmospheric music had an ambient personality. A quiet way to dream . . . a pleasure in the listening . . . music that flows like liquid crystal . . . drumbeats like breath . . . a heartbeat follows . . .


Drops of Light

Drops Of Light, "Phoenix Rising"

Tags: rock, instrumental, guitar

Drops of Light premier album "Phoenix Rising" from Sydney, Australia and in tribute to their drummer, Nick Buontempo, who has just passed. 

These songs, all various degrees of rock, from psychedelic to hard, from classic to instrumental rock . . . contained excellent examples of guitar, drumming, keyboarding, lyrics, and vocals . . . It would be nice to hear all fifteen songs under one album, but I was able to listen to these as singles at soundclick.com. The group is hoping to bring their album to other music sites.

I enjoy psychedelic rock, specifically the best of all the genres of rock music. I've always been a fan of that genre as it seems to expose the keyboarding skills more and the song, "Never Knew the Way" had a great Beatles styled feeling with excellent chills and impressions of emotions . . . the drumming was strong and the guitars gave a distinct lift in this piece.

"Four Play" demonstrated the hard hitting thrills of great surf rock . . . the guitars describing the feelings of sand and surf and the sunshine warmth of music that reaches its peak of joy.

And "Apocalypse" was just stunningly the best! An Instrumental Rock it carried this listener into the heights of exciting guitar dreams and rhythms . . . 

Overall, this album is an excellent example of a cohesive, shining rock band giving delightfully fresh entertainment. The music is easy to listen to with perfect style and genre-centered expression. The instrumental play is talented, producing a wonderful afternoon's listen. Definitely worthy of listening and downloading . .. 

Video of First song on the album "The Answer"