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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pictures and Hiddeminside . . . Lullabies and Dreams

Pictures, "Lullabies"

Tags: electronic, electro, fusion, Indie, Spain

Dreamy, mysterious . . . gentle and relaxing! This album would be a strong winner with anyone wishing to sleep or daydream with a little impetus to visualize or fantasize to the music . . .  Each of the eleven tracks had their own unique character and yet all the while carrying the theme straight to the emotions of the spiritual center of the listener  . ..  the music, somewhat surreal and pensive. . . . As I listened  I gazed into the baby blue sky where feathers of clouds flew on the waves of wind . . . and there I was . . . cool and dreamy, floating . . the colors of heaven . ..  opened before me . . . the stars of the night revealed in that hemisphere  . . . the yellows and greens of nature, dancing fingertips of tree limbs . .  the tender babes of the forest . ..  all convened through the music to fill my heart and soul with a peaceful inner joy . . 


Hiddeminside, "Dreams vol.2"

Tags: Electronic, World, 

Ethereal and airy . . . the "Sounds of Freya" flow through the atmosphere like waves of delicate breezes, carrying the soul and the heart with it as it wafts into the listener's ear . .. and then "Sounds of Anu" presented clouds of drum beat . . . bongo, rhythm . .. a gentle beat that guides the dreamer into vistas of beauty . . . feet stepping along a cliff edge and the feeling of wings gathering to carry one over the tempest and into the rays of the setting sun . . . and "Sounds of Brigid" was just peaceful, like the calm, sun dappled sea . . . or waves of grass on an endless prairie . . .  "Sounds of the Gods" is full of subtle drama . . . and wishful dreams . . 


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Music Regenerates Me . . . Inspires Me . . .

Ignacio Núñez, "Lights"

Tags: instrumental, soundtrack, filmmusic, ost, bso

This was such a beautiful album . . . beginning with the captivating first track, "Atrapar Una Nube Con Las Manos" . . . a signature piano piece that filled the heart so full of gladness and the wings with breezes, so fresh and delightful . . . the listener senses the grace and inspiration of the musician as it plays through . . .  and through a lengthy, generous album of smooth, shiny . ..  sentimental and evolutionary music . . . sometimes bringing the tears to my eyes . . .  the kind you can listen to for an eternity . .. or give as a gift to the love of your life to dream with . .  And something ethereal blooms and uplifts the listener  . . . so romantic, so pleasurable . .  enticing. We end on the tender notes of "Wonder Wing," the twenty-sixth track . . . a gentle piano sparkles and dances while inspiring us to dream . . .


Deimos, "One voice"

Tags: new, evasion, age, relaxing, quiet, meditative

The album consisted of lovely, relaxing music . . . clear and uplifting, with nature sounds and a general sense of well-being. I have been enjoying this music for quite a while this morning, as background for busy work and it has kept my mood good.  A perfect album to add to any ambient playllist.


Charles (Bert) Jerred, "Under the Stars"

Tags: folk, acoustic, vocals, folkrock, electroacoustic

Oh my, but these were sweet, to hear . . . my heart just warmed to this set of warm male vocals singing to a quietly strummed acoustic guitar . . . The singer didn't have a great range, but the gravely voice was perfect for these emotional and traditionally styled folk songs . . . a beautiful afternoon can be spent listening to these . ..  


Simon Slator, "Cold Sun"

Tags: electronic, progressive, berlinschool, instrumentalrock

Dream music . ..  cool and spacey . . . a free wheeling ride through space and beyond. Very nice! The musician accomplished his mission in these pieces . .. 


Friday, July 26, 2013

Music for the Day . . .

Orlando, "Life Histories"

Tags:  rock, instrumental, soundtrack, progressive, keyboard

To enhance the listening pleasure . .  the listener should read the background on each piece, which the musician explained on his page, so click on the link to find that text. I always find these so insightful and interesting and they add so much more understanding and depth to the music.

The music, itself, is dramatic, passionate, expressive and emotive . . . giving vision and dreams along with the changing light and shadows of the instruments . . . the style changes as the artist paints, with grand sweeps, the theme . . .in vivid colors.

This musician seems motivated by sad and tragic circumstances and is gifted at expressing, with purpose, the feelings involved in these situations. He does give some uplift and hope and his one, very positive and beautiful track was dedicated to his wife.

In the end, it is most enlightening, to let the music play . . . and your heart tells its own stories . . . the music will definitely move you . . .


Biphenson, "Hidden Nature Sounds"

Tags: downtempo, ambient, chillout

Nature is so awesome and so generous in contributing to our spiritual well-being . . . to be motivated by such is surely a second nature to all artists. This first album, by this musician, is one such delivery, as inspiring as the universe around us.  It is very beautiful with a base of serenity and contemplation and a peaceful consistency throughout . ..   the kind of music to listen to . . . "and slow down."


Martin Solós, "Coro de las Estrellas"

Tags: electronic, ambient, electricguitar, berlinschool, neuronium

With the feeling of wind chimes whispering in my ear . . . 
I listen with pleasure 
as the breezes from the stars dream of me 
and I smile in return,
my song is emboldened, 
the beating of my heart returns
as my wings take me through
the constellations . . . a flavor
of eternity
twinkles through the ether . . 

Beautiful, as the music gathers its forces and carries us with compassion through our accompanying dream . . .


Koyö, "Secret Garden / 5:30"

Tags: None given by musician

As I dreamed, as I listened, I found that this ambient, fascinating music, was consistently beautiful and well worth a listen. This ten minute, two track album would be a very nice addition to any ambiental play list. . . it has a peaceful quietness, with an environmental appeal and poetical follow-through for each piece. Very lovely!


Labsounds, "Echoes"

Tags: trance, house, elektro

Consistent in focus, this music stays energized and yet often with a relaxed and inspiringly tranquil spirit giving a sense of well-being to the listener .  . . .  and somehow with the vision and the spirit of a galloping horse. . .

This is bright, sprightly trance with, sometimes, the sound of steel drums singing to our hearts.  . . now . ..  we're going to go dance as we listen again .. . . love that beat . . . that tempo . . . 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black and White . . .

Arnoldsrecords, "Senses"

Tags:  piano, sensible, instrumental, ambient, chillout

That first tune reminded me of music that came with a Nintendo game I loved so much, so many years ago . . . I played it, often, mostly because of the music and the dreaminess of the game, where we went deeper into caves . . . deeper and deeper into fantasy . . .  These sometimes nearly jazzy/bluesy, heart-touching, emotional pieces were quite nice! I also, particularly loved the journey of "So, Nat" which moved me along a quiet road . .  visualizing peaceful settings and stories . . . so lovely! The pianist put a lot of heart into these pieces . . and I loved that distant flute in "Our Own Ways Out." 


Sphere, "Sphere se repose"

Tags: piano, electronic, classical, worldmusik

Piano, strings, percussion and creativity can bring compassionate loveliness into the atmosphere as the music plays . . . Dreamy music . . .sympathetic and temperate . . . something that settles the heart . . . the music grows on you, like feathers on a bird . . . and lifts you through the gentle breezes of these quiet melodies . . .


Gaël Voisric, "Moon"

Tags: piano, easylistening, pianosolo

Simply lucid, beautiful piano . . . lovely, quiet melodies, like the moon, slipping through the night, serene and bright, watching all that goes on beneath the cool white light . . . The piano play is simple and tranquil . . . a little dark with the low notes and contemplative at times as in "Silent Of Graves." Seemed to be a lot of baby sounds in the background of some of these tracks . . . soothing and happy . . . so perhaps these would be great to play to children . . . to calm them down . . . to calm anyone.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Music I am enjoying today . . .

Different styles, emotions, musicians . . . all great for the enjoyment of the day, life . . . music makes you feel alive and especially all these albums . . Tags are included. I'm doing a better job of remembering them . . .

Fortadelis, "Higher Perspective"

Tags: lounge, jazz, funk, ambient, nujazz

First few notes I heard . . . I also hear, "Yummmmy" coming out of my mouth . . . love this funky jazz . . . with personality and heart . . . it is throbbing with life and warm energies.


Yohan Chardey, "Lumière noire"

Tags: ambiance, film, instrumentale, yohan, chardey

These classically styled piano pieces were smooth and mellow, with little drama or passion, but offered peacefulness, serenity and tranquility as if a dream became music and floated on a night breeze over the cool, reflective waters . . Beautiful music to be listened to during relaxation times.


Electron7, "Recto-Verso"

Tags: electronic, chillout, synthesizer, electronika, christian

I happened to run into this album on FaceBook and thought I would give it a listen. Glad I did! I've been enjoying this smoothly energized electronic music .. .. the voices, the atmosphere . . . the emotional poetry of the pieces are entrancing.


Putsasoll, "Khaos"

Tags: instrumental, ambient, darkambient, synthesizer, electronik

Chaos . . . the pieces travel in many different directions . . . as if the soul were on fire . . . the darkness is hot and bright with ambient light . . . and as if, swimming through water, there is an undertow that captivates the listener as they swim through the music . . . it pulls and entices the listener to find the deeper places in the music . . 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Julien Boulier

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Julien Boulier, "Empreinte" and "Partance"

Tags: film, emotional, classical chillout, score, imaginary

This musician, an old favorite of mine, having constructed some of the most beautiful music on Jamendo, has come back with two new albums! Each of these 17 track productions are over 60 minutes long and composed of more of his exceptional, finely composed, creative music . . . They are without a doubt, beautiful and full of visions, heart touching, emotional, and quiet. This is music to dream to, travel with, and listen through during tender moments. . . These pieces are sometimes classical, sometimes exotically world,  but always alluring and strikingly exquisite . . .. The 13th track, "Empreintes Fantomes" on the album, "Partance" just absolutely humbled me. Those moving, African vocals so soothing to my soul.

The sounds, melodies, vocals, instruments (whether piano or steel drums), tempos, and white spaces are all used, like color, to paint broad vista sensations over the soul of the listener. This is music that works best during those quiet moments . . . when you wish to dream and touch the celestial places with your vision and heart . . . and I promise that you will find the wings to float with the angels . . . 

P.S. Today I am going to download all this man's music . . . because, well, because I am greedy . . . . and there is not one tune of his that I don't enjoy, or that I don't marvel over!



Jorisma, "Life energy"

tags: techno, electropop, popdance

With a little over 33 minutes worth of delightfully energetic, lively, upbeat tunes and an aptly named album . . . the listener could set and leave this music to play in order to lift up the heart, the soul, the body  . . . to dance . . . to energize a party, and to make the environment a bright and happy place. 

Having listened to each blithe tune, with their different personalities . . . from spiritually popping to vivaciously beautiful . . .  from buoyant serenity to heart-beat dreamy . . . I found myself enjoying these very creative pieces as a motivational force to give me the impetus to dance through my day and live my life with a smile on my face . . .

This melodic electronic music . . . created with the finesse and talent of JORISMA, is just the ticket to enlighten and liven anyone's day . . . I have never been disappointed in his music and with several albums, on Jamendo and with his creativity and continual inspiration .. .. it is worth your while to stop by and stay on his page and give all his shares a whirl . . . ENJOY!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Completely Beautiful . . .

GingerTom, "Music And The Movies Finale"

I hate to see such a wonderful series come to an end. This is the final chapter of GingerTom's "Music And The Movies" starring Sissy and Herbert, two great (but fictional) movie critics.
This last album has four titles with interesting stories and spectacular music. I hadn't planned on sharing it on this page but I was unable to share everything I wrote in the tiny box provided by Jamendo . . . so here is my review:

A feast of wonderful entertainment . . . there are stories about a feline shape shifter; a running shadow girl; a man who wasn't accident prone; and a dark and rainy night where an accident on a wet road mysteriously changes the life of a woman who may or may not have had a baby with her . . .

Okay . . . After you read the stories . . . you listen to the music and puzzle over the startling visions of these movies . .  . you hear these old tales in the heart of the melodies . . . where a drum is beating, a heart is racing and the feet are running  . . . and where a guitar is strumming, a happy family sits in the sunshine . . . the melodious vocalizing of an angel blends into an angry aura of strings defining beauty and vengeance . . . . and the quiet gentle twinkle of music fills the empty hole in the heart of a lonely soul . . .  

and there, in the music, we identify and we become one with the protagonist . . . 

The music is the platform for the dream . .  the story is the window of the vision . . . and the tale goes on . . . every life a story, laid down well as a foundation . .  a solid rising of music, like incense . . . an imagination grows like a totem pole where a life is lived in every knot hole, daub of paint, and startled eye .  .. . 

GingerTom is a visionary . . . he gives a complete gift . . . but it takes the acceptance of the audience to make it grow . . .. and in this moment as the listener is absorbed by the "movie" . . . they become one with the artist . . . 

and sometimes, we don't think of the story told . . . but let the music take us to the stars . .  where our hearts can melt and the music bathes us in a celestial light . . .

Monday, July 15, 2013

Meditative . . . Peace!

Two of my favorite albums, in this genre, have been around for a while, with a true sense of peace and inner awareness . . . quiet spaces with a shining path to follow are the rule. There is a sense of coolness, as in the serenity of a lake, with the calm movement of a quiet breeze creating a pattern of ripples  . . . and the distant pull of celestial dreams takes the listener on a personal voyage . .  

Sambodhi Prem, "Seven Waves of Knowing"
Tags: piano, newage, instrumental, ambient, meditative

Look for a review by Orangeupurple on the Jamendo page, as I will not repeat it, other than it still stands true today. This is one of the most refreshing albums I have ever listened to. One of my most favorite pieces is "Trusting The Universe," something of which we should all take heed . . . but also that one has a warm, mellow acoustic guitar which feels so good to my ears. Most of these songs are simple piano touches as if one human soul is stroking another .  .  . a rather sensual description but it does feel very personal . . . an angel's voice . . . a spiritual discourse . . . a healing peacefulness.


Anjey Satori, "Healing Sounds of Tibet"
Tags:  newage, ambient, meditative, healing, worldethnic

Probably, a better sounding version can be found on Magnatune ( http://download.magnatune.com/artists/satori ) Where there is a large abundance of this musician's music. Singing bowls, bells, angelic/monkish vocals and other Tibetan sounds are combined to induce a feeling of peacefulness and quiet. This is a wonderfully healing music, as apparently it cured Orangeupurple of a stressful headache . . . anyway that was the theme of her review. (Orangeupurple was one of my identities, but I don't always remember the circumstances of her reviews )


I am adding two more albums in this posting as I have been going back over older music which impressed me at the time and being curious about my state of mind then and now. I find these two, very relaxing and enlightening albums, to fit my mood and quest for peace as they did then AND now. ENJOY!


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Project Divinity, "Dharma Beats"
Tags: world, groove, instrumental, electronic, worldfusion

Although not necessarily meditative in genre, I am including it in this batch, partly because it was recommended, on my journey and quest to find the music of my heart . . . and partly because this artist's music speaks to the soul and while being very relaxing. The major feeling, that this album projects, is contentment . . . a quiet, harmonious happiness . . . 


Augenstilzchen, "Meditativum"
Tags: instrumental, nature, meditative, electroacoustic, guitar

The artist on this album uses an acoustic guitar, a soulful harmonica, nature sounds and spaces to convey it's quiet peaceful medicine . . . it is beautifully expressive while not destroying that quiet place you have built for yourself . . .


So, there is so much else out there . . . check "meditative" or "meditation" or "meditate" when you search the labels on Jamendo (you get the picture) . . . . 
But as you can tell . .  I was in a great need for just that today .  .  . and I found it without any trouble . . .