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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I can always find something . . .


RAÏBEL, "Libérté"


Tags: (reggae, world, experiment, fusion, worldfusion)

Well, I was blown away by this extraordinary song . . . the vocals were heart-throbbingly beautiful .  .  . the beat was moving . . . Really great reggae . . . I'm going to have to check out this guy's work . .  RAÏBEL  

Later:  Some very nice eclectic works . . . not just reggae but other lively styles as well. Give it a listen!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two of My Favorite Hot Guitars:


I have always been so fond of this man's guitar . . . his style of blues/rock and his presentations.  Once a member of the group: Otis Blues Band (I think - correct me if I'm wrong.)  I wish Jamendo's musicians would stop being so shy . . . we want to know what makes you . . . make the music you do . . .

He has shared some of his videos on Fandalism:

and a nice line of music on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/h-persson

Here is one of his videos called "Apache:"

Anyway . . . I have had a lot to say about his music on Jamendo, under the reviewer names of Orangeupurple and Wolfsong.thePoet . . . I won't quote them here, but if you wish you can read them on his album pages . . . just suffice it to say . . . I can listen to his sounds all day long, and often I do!


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One of the hottest and most popular guitarists on Jamendo, this musician is both prolific and powerful, in that his guitar might catch your speakers on fire . . . Here, too, I have written so many reviews . .  using lots of words (like I tend to do) under both Orangeupurple and Wolfsong. Anyway . . . give him a listen and enjoy his hot-rockin' guitar . . .

My Native American Playlist (from Jamendo)

Starting with three of my favorite songs by Zero-Project. As all his music is worthy of happy listenings, one day, I will share his widget, for a month or so, at the foot of my blog . . .  but today I am sharing Native American sounding music from off of Jamendo and my previous reviews regarding them . . .. 

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Zero-project, "Indian spirit (Jamendo edition)"

A very well loved album by a very popular artist:

My review, written as Orangeupurple: "Wonderful . . . I love these Native American styled songs, those powerful drums, that bird like trill with the flute, that plaintive cry, that chant, that solemn beat . . . it all fills in with a unique feeling of a tremendous connection with the land, the beauty of the land, the ancient sacredness of the land, and huge distances across time and place and between peoples . .. . It sings of freedom, love and hope . . . and an enigmatic way of life . . . It fills my heart . . . it touches my soul. And against my tear stained cheeks I feel a healing breath in the winds of these songs . ."


zero-project, "The Great Spirit"

My previous review: "You've always got my heart when you share your Native American musics . . . deeply spiritual and emotional . . or at least to me . . this particular track is quite captivating . . .. and I think of as earthy . . . a heart beat, like distant drums echoing throughout the Universe . .. time stands still . . clouds fill my vision and I am somewhere else . . . Perhaps at the beginning of existence . . . where all things were formed . . . the sparks of my campfire leap up to dance with the stars . .. and I find that I am one with all life . ."


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Laurent Danis, "Lakota Prayer"


Another one of my favorite artists, with some very special music. I loved this one in particular . . . heart touching and it brought the tears to my eyes.


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Out Of Orion (Ox3), "The Breath Of The Great Spirit"

Tagged as ambient, tribal, spokenword, nativeamerican, indians

What I said after I first listened: "The ambience and feelings of this album brought me into an inner vision . . . a kind of visual story . . . This Native American styled album . . . complete with perfect music and great vocals expressing various feelings and tales was simply mesmerizing . . .. This is the kind of album that causes you to close your eyes and lay back and just leave your world, traveling into another, enjoying a powerful experience of life through another's eyes. I especially loved "Lone Wolf" for reasons which escape me (No, I'm joking) . . . mainly because of the drums and also the sentiment of the poetry . . . and also perhaps because of the wolfish howling . .. "Tears of the Ancestors" was absolutely chilling . . . less Native sounding, perhaps taking us beyond this earth and into another horizon . . This was the kind of album that has an exceptional effect on me . .. the sound is stunning and the stories are presented in such a way as to give the feeling of being in the presence of a pretty good movie, play or other entertainment . . . giving me chills, or tears or a racing heart . . . I enjoyed this profound experience. edit: I swear that I could smell the smoke of the campfire . . ."


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And one of my most favorite albums on Jamendo:

Randy Granger, "A Place Called Peace"

Tagged: drum, acoustic, american, indian, native, flute hang

My original review as orangeupurple: "Impossible to believe that there are these Native American sounds on Jamendo . .. I HAVE looked in the past and never found anything . . . These are beautiful and heart touching . . . a music that brings a little peace to my soul . . . simply carries me to the mountain crags and lifts me above the hurts of these grey city streets . . . the drums pulsate throughout my veins . . . revealing that road . . . through the wild places to my heart. . . yes, yes . . . the flute gives me the wings to fly, above the raining clouds. . . and the wilderness shelters me . . . and in the circle of the music . . . there is peace . . yes . . . there is peace. . ."


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Down to Earth Jazz . . . and a Little Space Flight . . ..

Dee Yan-Key, "Jazzz!"

This is a bright and lively style of jazz . . . upbeat and danceable . . . the style that could be played at a carnival or fair, maybe a bar or coffee house  . . . where dance music and happy laughter can be mixed . . . . it isn't deep or emotional music but very nice and jazzy . . 


Stellardrone, "Light Years"

Be ready for a long voyage . . .  
quiet, smooth and tranquil . . . 
you will find yourself with a feeling of weightlessness . . . 
as you float through endless space and time . . . 
and you dream of what you will experience in the yonder . . . 
where exists a light so bright it fills your heart, soul and mind . . .
and there, all the colors of the universe,
the depths of harmony
A peacefulness of spiritual dreams
that will bind the listener
to blissfully bask in the warm winds
of this music's peaceful offerings . . .


Catching Up . . .

Chris Bay, "Abstract & Reality"

First, I was attracted to the gorgeously striking album cover . . . . And of course, since I love New Age music, I had to listen. . .  then the very first notes soothed my soul and kept me listening. . . . the flowing notes and subtle sounds maintained the mood throughout the first two tracks and would be wonderful music for the spa, meditation or stress healing . . .  I found it wonderful to relax to . . .

and then came . . .. "Metal Fusion" a bit of a jolt causing me to come out of my daydream and become a little more involved with this  chill-ish trance .  .  . finding the positive energy to move and dance . . . "Rain" was probably my favorite . . . peaceful with intrusive percussion . . . like, well . . . rain . . . it has that scent that engulfs the atmosphere, an incense of calm . . .  

Overall, there were enough interesting sounds added to these pieces that I would often look up, from what I was doing to think about the music, and what it was saying to me. It wasn't just spa music . . . but something a little deeper, something to entrancing to this listener . . . and enticed me into the world of the musician . . .


Seagulls and Waves

Talking about New Age music . . . If you are an artist or listener . . . someone who loves to be involved with New Age music, check out this site: http://newagemusik.ning.com/
The page is called: "The New Age Music Circle."  It has a nice music community, art shares of all kinds, lots and lots of beautiful music and a handy playlist. This is a site where artists share their music in hopes that they can generate some sales or gigs . . . where people can make friends with like-minded souls and where people like me can come and dream . . . It's free and easy to sign up . .  so check it out . . . The link is also on my side-bar.


Out of Limits, "Perfect Atmosphere"


Beautiful album cover and enticing title .. ..  These four tracks contained wonderfully chill music, or some great dance, to take the listener away into a beautiful environment . . . a peaceful place to be calm . . . or walk for hours listening to this music . . .. the warm vocals and the smooth instruments pulled this album together to make a nice seamless listen . . . .


My Listening Pleasure . . . Today . . .


The title of the album and tracks intrigued me . . . the album cover enticed me even more . . . the first notes of "The Trap" enthralled me . ..  and though I don't understand Greek, I could visualize my own story . . .I could find my own way, through time and expressive music . . . . and the pieces progressed. I am not often a big fan of triphop or amateur vocals . . . but this first track was so beautiful and mysterious with those flute like sounds, that I had to stay to listen until the end .  . . 

The album used exotic forms of sound, drums and melody to paint extraordinary visions . . . as I listened I kept finding myself getting chills or exclaiming, "WOW, that is BEAUTIFUL" . . . 


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Re-Lab, "Bach BWV 1039 IV"

Re-Lab and that piano of his . . ..  is to die for . . . This delightful, sparkling, moving, classical music can be played for hours . . . let it seep into your essence and there, you will find the perfume of joy . . . and moments that exist purely to make you happy, charm your heart and give you room to breath . . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

BeNSoundBeats, "Know"

Overall a very nice album . . . nice music, calming and enjoyable to have playing in the background of whatever you are into at the moment . . . The music covers a mild range of styles: chill, electronic, film thematic, dreamy and has some nice instrumental sounds and melodies.  Maybe it's not something to shout about from the mountaintops. . . but it is definitely worth a listen and download. Add it to a playlist of music you might need for a rainy day . . .


Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation . . .

Often, I find myself needing music that relaxes my shoulders and jaw and lets my eyes flood a little . . . releasing tension and allowing in all that is peaceful and beautiful  . . . You can tell, by listening, that the souls who compose such music, are often looking for that same serenity, and they also delight in sharing that inner design through the chords of their heartbeats . . .

I don't expect vivid visions or eclectic creativity when looking for such music . .  just the smooth flow of energy that feels like a deep drink of cold clear well water, or a deep cleansing breath  . .. . fresh and easy. Kind of like floating between two world . . . the dream world and the real . . .

Today I'm sharing an album from Jamendo which projects such peacefulness . . .. 

Spisfire, "Natural Vibrations"

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And Introducing a new artist to me,
Ellis Hadlock who's best music happens to be the relaxing ones (get past the rock tune), and I find his music very enjoyable! Smooth like silk . . . . 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dreamy . . .

Out Of Orion (Ox3), "Astreaux World: In Memory Of Rick Woll"

How sad . . . yet how beautiful . . . a soul passes through, like a wind, leaving bits of themselves, whether good or bad . . . those changes are still here and there is something. . . 
in this case . .  
Beautiful music . . 
and thus a celestial tribute to one so passing . . .

Beginning with the wispy, gorgeous "Passing Through Empty Space" with a flute that glows like a star . . ethereal and thought provoking . . the music moves us through the album . . . each track blending in to the other . . . seamlessly perfect; the music a little industrial and a little drone at times . .  but always mysterious and peaceful . .  like floating in a boat on a still blue lake . . . looking at the stars and finding yourself leaving your body and floating among them . . . so relaxing, and dreamy . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing


I'm a daydreamer . .  and this music incites my mood to dream and have visions of beauty . . . especially to fly . . . through space and canyons of glory and vistas of endless beauty. . . and there are things which the human eye has never seen . . . yet the heart of the soul can experience where music, like this, can take you . . . I felt I could listen to this music in peace, for hours . .  and I did . . . 


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pierre-Marie Cœdès, Musician Extraordinaire . . .

Artist Share:

Pierre-Marie Cœdès, Musician Extraordinaire . . .
with a big heart 
and the eyes of a child . . .
composes music with the skill
and creativity of
a virtuoso . . .

P.M. is a dear friend of mine . . . someone who is always there, being encouraging and just being kind . . . I have written reviews for him for many years, when he was on Jamendo and I kind of miss him there . . . yet all his old music is still there so I share that widget here today. 

I just discovered his new Concerto, on SoundCloud, 25 minutes of pure bliss . . . listen while your eyes are closed. Find the highest mountain craig with the freshest air . . . hear the breath of the angels and dream of beauty .  . the drama of a sunset . . . the whisper of the wind . . . look to the anguish of humankind . . . rushing to a fro . . . despairing and despising . .  yet find the beauty in every beastly one of us . . . and know that in each breast beats a heart of flames . . . passion which drives us and raises us to the heights of angels . ..  Pierre-Marie is able to find that beauty in people . . . join him!

Eclectic . ..

Catherine Corelli, "Natural Grotesque [archive mixes]

Catherine is so expressive in her music and she is never afraid to experiment, or try new directions and give us her best.  I love this album, although sometimes frenetic, it takes its place in our listening experiences as very energetic, upbeat and quite electronic in its range of sounds . . . This is my favorite Catherine Corelli style . . . where she plays through sound, like an intelligent child, with an obvious enjoyment at the range of emotions which sound applies to the psyche . . .  As I listen, I hear tales told, and stories revealed within the music . . . sometimes with vivid visions and psychotic dreams . . . but always interesting and quite enjoyable . . .


Thomas Katerkamp, "Piano Dishes"

I was first attracted to the album cover (I am a very visual person) and then to the mention of "piano" in the title (I adore piano music) . . . and enjoyed many listens during the day.  The music is very lovely, with the appeal of setting a background mood of contentment and joy   .  .  this is a flavorful mix of upbeat and light piano pieces which danced around my head and made me smile . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Ariel_999, "Magic Time"

This is excellent music for this listener's mood and energy . . . electronically stimulating the my smile muscles and giving me the feeling that I could leap through space and over constellations . . . and some pieces made me dream that I was in a gorgeous meadow smelling the flowers and listening to the birds . . .

I think that the composer put much of their own feelings into the music, really digging deeply to find that ability to express themselves through these electronic sounds . . .  This is NOT music to listen to unless you want to be happy . . .  These pieces would probably be excellent theme sounds to videos and short movies or even just to give yourself a kick-start at the beginning of your day . . .

My favorite was, "Happy Day," which made me think of bright sunny days when people are having their adventures at the park, or the beach, or enjoying life with friends and family . . .  but, "Starry Night Queen" was a sweet tune, a little more gentle and peaceful with a strong flow of strings . . .


Friday, June 21, 2013

A Little Fresh Reggae Music Please . .

Matt Black Musician


The music has that bounce . .  so
we dream of dancing
down that dusty road . .. 
the sun is wide
and red
and burns as if life
were not enough . . .
so holding hands
in peace and harmony
we find our way
through the sound
of song . . .
your word fills my dreams
with the sound of hope . . .
from your soul, comes a rose
as red as the hot wide sun . . 
beating on the drum of love . .. 
it guides our way .  . . 

This singer's voice presents a freshness
which is only drawn from hope and vision . . .
I love Reggae, but not all singers have that
special kick in their voice and energy . . . 
Matt Black has that gift
to sing the music . . 
and express the longing we all have
for peace and love . . .

Nice FaceBook page too:  https://www.facebook.com/mattblackmusician

Three for Jazzy Moods . . .

Régis V. Gronoff,  "Voyageurs"

Hmmmm . . . I loved the album cover, tasteful and enticing.  The music, overall, was jazzy with a bit of country, using emotive, chatty, expressive, twangy guitars, fleeting strings, brassy notes, warm drums, and an upbeat keyboard  . . . The music was amazingly lively and gave a strong sense of happiness and joy.  There were brief fleeting moments of blue . . but the golden sunshine, of this music, warmed my heart and kept me energized. My feet kept dancing. I think my favorite track was, "Suspended Eagle," which gave me the internal vision of a soaring eagle . .  held high against a striking blue sky, above the mountain side cliffs . .  wings spread wide, feather tips ruffled by the warm breezes  . .  my heart is lifted and I too soar with the ease of angels . . . or eagles . . . Beautiful album!


SONICAWAY, "Set list"

Electronic music with differing flavors, inspiring and meditative. I must say that "Indi" grabbed my fancy, and I found myself dancing about the room . . . And "Afro" with its BIG drums and wild beat just drove me crazy  .. .. I wanted to listen to that one for hours, dancing wildly . . . my hands raised to a deep star studded night, my soul dances with the gods . . . And the jazzy goodness of "Free Jazz Shane" was so wonderful as to lighten my heart with an awesome, Asian spice which made it a not-so-average-jazzy-piece  . . . so with this bit of jazz this album joins this page. Loved this whole eclectic album. 


DJ deejay, "Poets"

I loved these light, bright, jazzy tunes . . . These were long pieces . . . warm or cool, fast or slow tempo, dramatic or calm . . . yet all with inspiring emotional images. I found myself listening for ages, capturing the strong beats, the vivid sounds and turning them into energy for myself.  I loved the title of this album . . . all the music was created to honor twelve ancient poets . .. I felt inspired and motivated and delighted about the whole album.


Artistic . . .

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Patrick Kaloust ASLANIAN, "SITIA LOUNGE - Summertime"

"Beautiful Light" - Starting with a nice acoustic guitar . .  develops into a wonderful dream with an electric guitar and a sax singing in the distance . . . 

"Green Mountain" - Awesome with large brassy horns . . . dramatic and poetic . .  the drums so minute . . . like wisps of clouds, footsteps in the haze on the mountain.

"Sitia Seaside" Featured drums and an expressive electric guitar . . . at times various sounds depicting sunshine and a sense of activity . .  a brightness shines through . . people are having their adventures under the blue sky and the ocean waves . . 

Over all, rather than call this music, "lounge" (although it has some lounge like atmospheres) I would call it poetic . . . the type of music in which the artist endeavors to create the feelings, moods, sensations and visions of the landscape . . 

And this artist was very successful, utilizing sounds and instruments of every kind to paint a vivid picture. I started listening because I thought I would hear music that would relax me . .  and although I was relaxed, I was interested . . . the musician artistically engaged me with the music and as this generous album played out, I was able to internalize all these visions. . .  Everything from the sea to the mountains .. . .  to the distant exotic East and back again to a Summer rainy day . . 

I think my favorite was "Inside" because of the beautiful harmony of the guitars . . . That was so gorgeous! But I don't know . . . maybe they all are my favorites . . . I guess I had better listen again!