Please remember to go to the pages of the albums you like and make a comment. If you enjoy and download for free . . . Freely give your appreciation . . . with your words.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year (and several short reviews)

My wish for all, as expressed on my FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/barbara.wolfsong):

Here is to us and a Happy New Year . . . May we become kinder to ourselves, this new year, so we can be kinder to others and thus . . .. to find peace in our hearts . . . May we look for the humor in our daily lives . . . and find joy in the small things . . . May we chose to make small children smile with happiness and give all creatures comfort . . . May we respect the innocent wisdom of the elderly and the young for they are close to God's heart . . . So. . . beauty, peace, innocence and joy will fill your hearts with warmth, truth, and creative energy . . . 

*P*E*A*C*E* *J*O*Y* & *L*O*V*E* 
to everyone !

Some music to share the spirit of the new year . . . 


First, a little bit of auditory fireworks . . . a short, enjoyable music and visually inspiring . . . 


This music fills my soul with peacefulness and my heart with joy and my body with stillness . . . A lovely album indeed!


Dramatically beautiful! Something is moving, creating, deep inside this music . . . driving the listener to dive deep . . . breath the music and be enveloped my its energies . . . 


Nice hoppy popping music . . . or smooth and mellow . . . the vocals were great, especially the woman's mellow bluesy clubby sound. My feet couldn't stop moving and my listening ear was captivated.


Subtly relaxing and vividly uplifting . . . dream of the stars and give yourself wings by listening to this delightful music.


These pieces are somewhat Celtic and Ozark-ish . . . Definitely put your dancing shoes on when ready to listen, as these fiddle tunes will drive your feet wild . . . These had a traditional sound . ..  with lots of energy and emotion . . . sadly, some of these tracks seemed to be cut  a little bit short, yet were still delightful to fill the atmosphere with glistens of sunshine and dreams.


So warm the guitar .  .  . so uplifting the delightful twinkles of music as it splashes your soul with color and dance . . ..


Cool and enlightening . . . the music of Tunguska fills the air waves with the secret language of peace. 


Dramatic and emotional . . . great movie music and energizing for an evening's listen . . . Excellent stuff here! The strings have a flow like the wind through the trees .. .. "Magical" is the perfect description!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Connection Through Music . . .

Tags: ambient, electroacoustic, worldinstrumental

Something in our DNA responds to the songs wafting to us from our ancient ancestors, spawned deep in their souls as they were sleeping beneath the stars or running through the tundra . . .  Though, today, we may be engulfed by our cities or flinging ourselves into the depths of space, our connection to this mother rock is never shaken. Van Syla's new track, gives "Evidence" of that . .  an earthy, primordial connection rises up through the notes and instrumental sounds like dust from beneath the feet of midnight dancers . . . ancient dust which flies into the sparks of the fire . . . sparks reaching to the stars . . . dancing through time.


Tags: rock, instrumental, experiment, ambient, chillout

Well, I wanted to try something/someone new on Jamendo and I clicked
and clicked until I found something that clicked with me . . . these cool, smooth,
sounds of "electric dog" captivated my ear and made me pause to listen.
And I stayed and stayed through this cool chill which somehow soothed
me . . . filling my soul with insight and dreams . . .


Tags:  piano, instrumental, ambient, poems, synthesizer

Light and pretty, most of this music fills my soul with joy.  I do tend
to like music without vocals much better than those with, but these
were quite striking  . . . and the music was fun.  
This album was all very creative and some of these pieces were
quite attention-getting . . . and made me stop and listen, for sure.


Tags:  metal, techno, instrumental, electronic, electrometal

A very nice surprise . .  this electronic music full of melodies and powerful shots of energy . . . vibrated me into dance and movement and a happy mood . . . Definitely a great listen.


Tags:  instrumental, electronic, relaxing, christmas, tunguska

Enlightening and energizing as usual . . . with exceptional music created by exceptional musicians . . . unique and beautiful! I think everyone on Jamendo drops everything
to listen to Tunguska's newest albums . . . always a delight!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fly Away With Music . . .

Summer memories and dreams of golden warmth wrap themselves around you, like a favorite blanket, as you listen to these embroidered delicate piano tunes.  .   .  Beautiful memories to take away the chill of Winter's presence . . . 


Herein find the wings to fly and the hope that peace will transform the world of humankind . . . the music from around the world is beautiful and sensitive . . . an emotional charge, an uplifting experience!


This artist always creates some of my favorite relaxation music . . . chill and dream . . .  All the cells of my body experience a tropical island with white sands, the shushing of peaceful waves against the shore and the beauty of blue skies and brilliant sunsets . . Like a vacation of the dreams . . . I can fly away.


Mellow and dreamy . . . this guitar loves my heart and fills me with peaceful memories and pleasant dreams . . . 


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Lights . . .

The dark of winter .  . brings the longing for warmth and light . . . and thus we search and find the bright in life that builds our souls and fills our hearts and warms the depths of our very being . . . music and stars at night are more beautiful than ever . . . so here is the music . . . you look for the stars . . .

The Piano Guys are an interesting crew of pianists and cellists with great holiday music. Check them out on YouTube:


Here is a two hour jazzy fireplace video with holiday music that will get your feet to tapping and a smile stretched across your face . . .  The producer remastered all the music so it seamlessly falls into place as you listen and enjoy the warm embrace of the fireplace . . .

List of titles can be found on the youtube page along with the download list.


This is one of my most favorite winter albums on Jamendo (2009, Peace of Winter). Not necessarily a traditional holiday music but sure fits into the theme . .  .


And these gorgeous guitar pieces . . . Melt into this mellow traditional holiday music.


These lovely traditional Christmas carols (mostly piano) will heal your heart and fill you with sentimental memories.


More guitar as described, . .  lovely tranquil listening . . . . Relax:


And finally the sounds of Winter's breath, by a guy who can make life (and death) come even more alive with the touch of his fingers:


That's all for now . . .  More later if I run into anything I can't live without . . . but in the meantime there is plenty here for hours of enjoyment!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ZEN . . . Chill . . . RELAX! Take a deep breath . . . and listen . . .

So, what appeals to me, when I am choosing an album to listen to ? Album cover, title, and tags, and often familiarity with the musician helps, but not always. Today's share has all new artists, to me, except for Mancy, one of my all time favorites.  Also mood is a determinant regarding my picks. What was I hungry for today . . .? . . .  Well, as it turned out, relaxing sounds . . . peaceful, sentimental, and ambient.  I also look or a hefty album with plenty of music, and an easy to use widget so I can easily share it on my blogs. 

Tags:  triphop, hiphop, instrumental, ambient, abstract

Echoes of jazz and shadows of star music . . .  I loved this music
and wished it was one long track instead of cut-up like it was . .. 
I loved the ether-worldly connection . . . the transcendental feel . . .
There was enough day-dreamy feelings here to feed the dreams of
an entire sleeping city . . .
(Twenty-one tracks)


Tags:  piano, orchestral, strings, other, guitar

A liquid flow of music . . . like dreams, or balloons floating 
on the breeze . . . perhaps stars fly across the sky, like angels, 
so tender to the raw soul . . . and calms the moment, sweetly,
dancing . . . the sparkle of music (Twelve tracks)


Tags:  lounge, jazz, piano, instrumental, orchestral

Lovely, sentimental with sepia undertones .. .. a slow, daydreamy
style of music.  I loved the concept for this album, "Old Photo,"
which struck me as very imaginative and with a little bit of old
fashioned jazzy sounds . . . it all went well together and added
to the ambience and notes of dreamy memories.  (Fifteen tracks)


Tags:  piano, instrumental, cosmic, chillout, synthesizer

A deliciously delicate flow of music, wraps itself around 
the ears of the listener like a colorful quilt. Perhaps I hear 
the angels sing . . . . and the seasons of eternity
are recharged with the sound of music, dramatic and emotional.
(Four Tracks)


Tags:  newage, soundtrack, cubase, plugin

Twinkling with brightness; like being in a video game . . . 
Visual and happy, upbeat and slightly energizing, sometimes 
almost trancelike . . . Puts a smile on my face! 
Dynamic and shiny! (Seven tracks)


Tags:  ambient, film, soundscape, acoustic, classical

Tender glimpses of eternity, through the depth of a sky
and the resonation of the piano, reverberating through the quiet . . .
Lovely and peaceful! (Three tracks)


Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Quick Share . . .

Folk Music perfection . . . Jill Zimmerman . . .
Listen to her sweet voice and you too will fall in love:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The sun is in my eyes . . . and the wind fills my ears with the sound of music . . .

Tags:  piano, newage, ambient

Well, I sure loved this little tune . . . melodic and uplifting . .. if you dream to this one, it surely will be a pleasant dream . . .


Tags:  metal, post, black, ambient, symphonic

Dark and yet full of colorful reflections and bright, silvering light, quiet and inspiring . . . like a deep winter's night in the Northering North .  .  . a crystal coolness descends with the music, like the peace that comes with a cold December frost . . . the lights twinkle through the falling snow and the fern patterns painted on windows catch every ambient glisten. . . yes, the music is like that . . . Beautiful.


Tags:  lounge, ambient, easylistening, relaxing, romantic

Quiet and a little jazzy . . . a peaceful days listen . .


Tags:  piano, instrumental, contemporary, classical, minimalism

One of the most unusual and ear catching albums in a long while . . . it makes me think of old fashioned parlour music and yet has an unusual appeal committed to emotional and dramatic sensations,   . . . Foot tapping and delightful moments  . ..  dreamy and sentimental feelings . . . These classical,  intimate pieces will fulfill your soul with delicate visions . . . 


Tags:  soundtrack, ambiant

Minamalistic and nearly drone-like, I found these pieces to appeal to a head-achey day . . . clearing my inner mists to bring the stars back to populate the skies . . . giving me sight to see and a peaceful emotion . . . this album was perfect for me.


Tags:  piano, melodic, orchestral, relaxing

Simple, joyful and relaxing . . . this piano music is uplifting and will make you smile . . .  Definitely a winner in my book!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doorways to Flight . . .

Tags:  pop, love, happy, cinematic

Blood flows through the veins of those who love . . . 
blessed with a release from lonely heart ache, 
and for an eternal moment
a glimpse . . . a vision as
the stars filter through the wings . . .
and the angels sing;
for those who love
there is tranquility
and discernment . . .
a quality of wisdom . . . reaching deep,
as the sun filters like golden motes
beneath the blackness of the sea . . . 

This music is beautiful, with some familiar sounding melodies . . . it sets the mood of the listener to a pleasant, happy mode. . . a moment of bliss, a dance, a jazzy interlude, romantic and touching .  .  . a sentimental journey . . . Something for everyone to enjoy. My very favorite was the first track, "LOVE" . . . . which quite captivated my heart!

Also, thank you (to the artist) for sharing part of one of my poems: http://orangeupurple.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-love-is-mystery.html
with his gorgeous light piece, "My Love Is A Mystery."


Tags:  rock, newage, instrumental, fusion, guitar

Dramatic and seductive . . . hot and driven . . . wild or tender . . . give PeerGynt a guitar and you will never want to stop listening . . .  With the wings he gives you, through his creations, you will find yourself in places you never dreamed . . . stars and moons glowing in your eyes . . . and energy in your soul . . . 


Tags:   rock, soundtrack, ambient, progressiverock, progressivemetal

Dom The Bear flies . . . with the greatest of ease he creates music that fits every mood and engulfs the listener with every style of music . .  These rocking tunes will take the listener out of this world . . . while enticing them to listen over and over again. 


Tags:  newage, instrumental, soundscape, keyboard, newageinstrumental

I love the sparkly, warm, and positive feel of the piano's voice in these pieces . . . The music has much to say . . . I love Fall's beauty . . but then there is the cold and rain . . . so the music, like a crackling fire, keeps me warm . . . 


Tags:  world, improvisation, instrumental, indiepop, mayadeluna

Delicious and delightful, the angelic vocals of Maya are not to be missed. . . her voice strikes right to the soul of the listener . . . and accompanying Yvalain's music becomes pure bliss. Beautiful and delicate is the balance between singer and instrumental . . . like a feather on the breeze, the soul is lifted, tenderly into the ether, where it finds the birth of love, and a deep joy that penetrates straight the heart. This album is where we can find our peace and a mellow sort of happiness that glows like treasure.


Tags:  instrumental, downtempo, electronic, space, tunguska

Tunguska = magic . . . a drifting, dreamy sort of interlude in a busy day . .  to calm and give dreams of star fields and galaxies spinning slowly in the heart of the Universe . . . I can almost always count on Tunguska music to be exquisite.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

A New Day . . .

I apologize if I have missed reviewing somebody's album . . . . Sadly, I am behind on my work here. I have been ill and very unmotivated, as my illness and my job seems to take every bit of energy out of my existence . . . and life seems to get in the way . . . I believe, though, that things will get better with time . . . as my stepmother used to say, "This too, shall pass . . ."


Tags:  instrumental, guitares, jorgestrada, jaimeheras, jmcorvisier

"Another Gentle Knock" was replete with bluesy guitars, sweetly sentimental . . . very beautiful . . . tenderly moving. . . and then the album moved into the deep beauty of "Deep Forest," with lovely instrumental sounds weaving a magic which entices the listener to follow . . . The music, herein, was all gorgeous and thoughtful with a creative sweep that makes every song unique and special. I think my favorite was the cool, vibrant electric guitar of "Magic Baby Smile."


Tags: instrumental, violons, guitareacoustique

What an interesting combination of instruments and what a lovely title, to go with such dramatically lovely music.  This style of music would go well as background, movies, stage productions . . . I envisioned "Truculences" as a wild, happy dance . . . 


Tags:  piano, love, slow, orchestra

I love this little (12 minute) tune . . . like a tender lullaby, it holds romance dearly,
the piano wanders about following the bells with wonder and a certain secret joy . . .
As the music progresses . .  the listener finds themselves falling into a peaceful
daydream . . . This is a very beautiful piece!


Tags:  soundtrack, symphonic, chillout, relaxing, symphony

Classic styled and beautiful. These pieces have strings which build and rise and sparkle and ebb, like following the flow of water . . . moving and emotional . . .


Tags:  dream, indie, chillout, electronical, acousitc

These are pieces to dream to . . . I loved, "Closer" as it had some little twangs that crawled under my soul . . . finding myself listening closely and being engaged. This album is the type to use as music to inspire the artist or impress the dreamer . . . to feel as if floating in space and touching the stars is imminent . . . with some minimalistic moments . . . and some silent spaces like pure peacefulness . . . then twinkles of sound telling a quiet tale . . . a beautiful album, exactly as advertised.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Variety . . .

Tags:  lounge, electronic, soundtrack, ambient, chillout

I like this style of chill . . . It's energizing enough to give life to the day and yet dreamy enough to give life to the listener's creative spirit .  ..  This album flows, like a cool wind, on a warm evening . . . and as you dream, while listening, you feel the treasures of the heart . . . and the glow of eternal stars . . . as you fly through the ether . . . where ever you wish . . . you may go . . . I was especially entranced by "Whirly Keys" . . . and especially charming, unusual, and captivating piece .  . .


Tags:  chanson, celtic, harpe, harp

Check out these peaceful, celtic vocals with harp . . . such quiet beauty . . . please listen and enjoy and then go to the artist's page as he has two other new albums . . .


Tags:  jazz, soundtrack, ambient, swing, chillout

Brightly energizing . . . Very enjoyable! I've been listening to this music for some time now as background to my day . . .  find my toes tapping and my head bobbing . . .


Tags:  instrumental, ambient, soundscapes, minimalism, experimental

This is a nice, smooth, cool sound with various electronic pings and percussion . .  I felt it was spacey enough for background and dreaming . ..  possibly even sleep inducing as it is that relaxing with a certain minimal edgy darkness to give it interest.


Tags:  dance, electronic, house, classical, dubstep

Uplifting and energizing .  .  . great party music for those danceable moments . ..  Loved the combination of classical with electronic house .. .. the feeling was of an explosion of sensations, bright lights, trancelike, and brilliant flavors . .  .. Very Nice!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Falling .. . .

falling . .  . the stars evolve in puddles
where ripples grow
like nebulae 
and dreams are caked in memories
where once before 
we left our empyrean eternity . . .
and breathlessly we tell our tales
as perpetual echoes returning
hollow memories  .. . .
each one the same . . . yet
divisible from all the others. . ..


Tags:  postrock, downtempo, ambient, alternativ

The stars, like music, make inroads
into our psyche . . . our hearts . . .
they mold our souls and inherit our dreams . . .
we create heavens 
in the heart of the stars
where the music lives . . . where we long to go . . .
and live forever . . .

These pieces are such a pleasure to hear . . . giving the color to visions
and depth to our imagination . . . these compositions show such growth in the artist
to take such diverse instruments and weaving their sounds and energies together to create such an interesting concept album . . . This listener was absolutely charmed.


Tags:  techno, electronic, ambient, chillout, uptempo

Throbbing and brightly energizing electronica . . . these are the sounds to make that party come alive. squawks and sobs, robots and bouncing melodies . .  .  all a lot of fun . . . great background, uplifting and danceable . . . 


Tags:  piano, soundtrack, dreamy

Beginning with quiet subtlety . . .  
softly exploring the moment . . .
then exploding with vigor . . .  
a lifting up with the wings of the music,
the piano does justice to the drop, 
clinging to its anchor . . . risen, and trembling
like new life .. .  then flying into the unknown .. .. 
like angels and moths . . .

This was an exceptionally gorgeous piano piece . . . something that fills your heart with meaning and joy . . .


Tags:  celtic, medieval, ambiental, meditative, electricpiano

Full of intrigue and drama .  . . magic and passion . . . a realm full of tales and glory . . .  this is a music to fill the evening with story and dreams . .. .  like a movie the music builds the vision . . . and the tale plays out . . . about 60 minutes worth of inventive music . . . some of it quite unique.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspiring . . .

Tags: ambient, musiqueambiance, chillout, wellness, musiquedefilm

This beautifully charming piano music took me quite by surprise . . . so perfect for my day . . . I felt as if I were melting into the sounds of the melodies.  These pieces give you the feeling of rest as if you were on a vacation . . . away from the hubbub and stress of regular life . . . I dreamed I was on a hammock . . .  swinging gracefully in the breeze; the sun smiling and shining overhead; the sky a deep blue, punctuated with watercolor clouds drifting by; the tree tops glistening and dancing with a graceful rustle; and water running nearby, perhaps a stream with a small waterfall; the birds fly through and the bees are busy in the sweetly scented flowers . . . there is nothing harsh in this world . . .  no death, no sorrow . ..  only forever a peace . . . a place to dream . . . 


Tags: newage, instrumental, soundtrack, filmmusic, filmsoundtrack

Walter's music is always a sure thing. Professional and yet oozing with the nectar of creativity. I am always smiling . . . always moved when I listen to these beautiful sounds.


Tags:  lounge, piano, electronic, dream, soundtrak

Music, full of light and twinkles . . . heaping joy on the listener's ears . . . always a pleasure when it comes to Noblemo's music.


Tags:  rnb, ambient, classical, electronik

The quiet energies of this album are perfect to enlighten an afternoon of relaxation . . .  Some of these songs have the edginess of restless mornings, or the soft cover of gentle rain but nothing is harsh with this music . . . just beauty and joy.


Tags:  celtic, medieval, ambiental, gothic, electronicmusic

A must listen, at least to hear this delightful style of music, presented with an awareness and intrigue regarding the pleasures of simplicity . . . the sounds of a melody which inspire one to meditate or dream and find a depth within the soul to be explored. . .. Please go to the album's page and read all the text by this artist regarding the styles of each song. Remember to click on the name of the songs to find those texts . . . enjoy!



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Music the Great Healer . . . (Piano, Chill, and Rocking Blues)

Piano so sublime it flows within the soul
like honey on the vine . . .
or cool well water quenching
such a thirst as mine . .
This music resonates and
wraps around the heart
with warming tendrils
giving strength in part
and inner peace to still the turmoil:


Tags:  dance, worldfusion, chillout, thematic, moviemusic


Tags:  rock, blues, instrumental


Friday, November 1, 2013

Someday . . . Somewhere . . ..

I am so sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with the reviews . . . I think I need a vacation from comment writing . . .. . . my friend died and now I am sick with bronchitis . . . it is all I can do to keep up with my day to day life .  . . I'm sorry, I know it is a poor excuse .  . but please forgive me.

In the meantime, here are some great albums which I like and various  pieces to entertain you:

Tags: newage, orchestral, acoustic, relaxing, soundtracks



Tags:  acoustic, pop, guitar, progressive rock


Tags: piano, instrumental, electronic, soundtrack, experimental


Tags: strings, sweet, orchestra, sad, horns

Eventually I will add the reviews and then all will be well . . .


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Electronic Wonders

Tags: lounge, soundtrack, ambient, chillout, electronika

Like a cool rain on a hot day . . . or the warmth of your fantasy in the touch of a lover . . .
find your dreams in the music . . . waves of sound dispersed through the atmosphere, wafting like incense . . . to the ears of the poet as you watch . . . the birds fly away and you feel lifted up with them.



Tags:  postrock, eclectic, ambiental, slow, relaxing

Both older albums (2010-2011) . . . these have just reached my attention and my ears  . . . 
and the ambient energies kicked into my psyche giving me the feeling of dissociation
from my earthly form and gravity . . .  taking me through the ozone and into times and 
spaces where stories are made and the earthly becomes sublime. 

Plus, I felt like dancing . . . so I went for it . . . These eclectic pieces were quite inventive
and yet true to the form as developed through both albums . . . a kind of jazzy music . . . very expressive, unique and very interesting . .. as sounds came and went, dissolving and mixing,
freeing and flying like a kaleidoscope, swirling, fading in and out with unique sounds and filling the mind with visions . . .


Tags:  electronic, newwave

Loving the Title (Good Sun), I was inspired to listen and thoroughly enjoyed this quiet little piece which rose and fell like a trip o'er the mountain . . . or the spin of the earth as the sun peers over the horizon, giving warmth and direction to each day .  . exotic scenes and hot spices fills the senses ... . and instills the emotions with a feeling of reverberation . . . 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beauty by Design . . . Inspiration Most Divine . . .

Tags:  piano, melancolic, instrumental, orchestra, synthesizer

The tenderness of life,
is touching with the merest feather brush . . .
yet glows in the glory of the sun . . .
and the music dances
like hummingbirds around our desires . . .
we listen with our hearts uplifted
and our soul's dreams fulfilled . .
My face smiles with this music . . .
so bright, like a blue day . . .
a sky filled with puffy clouds
and the sparkle of leaves
as they whirl in the breeze . . .

I am still a big fan of Mancy . . .



Tags (The distant star) : space, deep, voyager, electronik, ambientinstrumental
Tags (Chroemotion) : ambient, nature, mind, relaxing, sleep

The dreams of Deep Space
flow like water over moss covered pebbles . . 
streaming around boulders
sands are driven
and slowly the world
and the universe are molded
into shapes like angels . . 
whose wings
brush gently
against my  cheek
drops fall . . .

Ambient and dreamy, this music is inspiring and relaxing. Add to any new-age playlist and listen and meditate while the creative juices flow.  I felt the sounds, flow through my being . . . pushing away tension and allowing a feeling of oneness with the Universe . . .


Tags:  black, ambient, chillout, to, forest

Someone is walking
through my forest
dreaming that trees
are walking too .. . .
Serenity and sanctuary
are places divine . . .
a moment alone
the trees bent spines
as they sing their song
of memories most ancient
and peace of heart

Music most lovely, to be heard on this album . . . quiet and rippling
through the listener's soul . . .


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Music for the Dreamer . . .

Tags: piano, soundtrack, beautiful, neoclassic, violins

Pianochocolate is always good for a beautiful, piano interlude . . . a dreamy day ensues as one listens and the soul flies into the indescribably beautiful heavens, past the gray clouds and the heaviness of gravity  . . . graceful and melodic . . . the dance of the angels . . . the flow of the stars in the sea . . . the glory of a smile . . . 


Tags: happy, orchestra, moviescore, moviemusic, moviesoundtrack

and dedicated to all the birds of the world . . . Happy, whimsical, motivating and either a soundtrack or electronic game genre. I listened as I worked during my day and found that this lengthy piece had the perfect flow and tempo to generate energy and good feelings. It also generated wild imaginations regarding pirates at sea, and especially one with a parrot . . . The parrot scheming to take over the ship and treasure with the help of all the birds at sea . . . something about a zombie pirate who does his bidding (the parrot's) and the ship sails on . . . but maybe my imagined story is way too out of bounds . . . ahhrrrrr me matey, stop peckin' me with that big beak a yers . . .


Tags: jazz, instrumental, improvisations, bluesjazz, latinjazz

I love jazz, and especially this album, yet I find myself inadequate to write a review . ..
to embellish the emotions or describe the music with flair and exactitude . . . so I leave the musician to describe his own music in his own words:

November Child is designed as a suite (not a random collection) of tunes that include composed and improvised swing jazz, blues and Latin bossa, all at a slow or moderate tempo that, combined in the order of the album, aim at leading the listener through a pattern of moods that are generally darker and more introverted, but also quite intimate. It's the time we contemplate nature shedding its coat of last season while we gather around in warm places to meet friends and family present or from the past, like authors we rediscover from their works.


Tags:  piano, easylistening, smooth, classical, pianosolo

Dedicated to World Peace . . . which in my opinion is possible, one human at a time . . . peace between nations, people and families .  . peace to the animals and all that grows green . . . peace to the oceans and creatures of the deep . . . peace to all things . . . straight from our heart.

The piano slid right into my heart, as I listened and was moved by the melodies of these twelve tracks. The emotions of the musician were wafted like the essence of blossoms on the winds of the environment . . . the music is calming, soothing and lovely. 


Tags:  lounge, world

This piece really harmonizes with my soul as it takes me into the unknown and the deep past . . . a whirlwind of a dream as the heart ticks on and is warmed by the melody . . . Just a short little track but I enjoyed it immensely.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sweet and Tender . . . Delight and Bright . . .

It is hard to express perfectly how it feels to lose a loved one. . . and yet, the highly gifted Yvalain, having recently lost a grandparent, was able to so perfectly share the emotions of the heart through this beautiful classically styled lament. This is a tender piece . . . something to help cherish the memories . . . something to help heal the hurt and fill the empty soul.


Tags: piano, new, age, positive, strings

What a lovely dedication and such beautiful music. This musician's love for music emotes through every song she creates. . .  and the gracefulness of her spirit shines even more . .. 
This is what I posted on my blog, Orangeupurple? :

The following poem was inspired while listening to the music of Van Syla: "Finally Free" .. .. 

the eyes of the dolphin
saw the wings of the 'gull
as she flew above mountains
which shadowed the sea . .

the heart of the dolphin
longed for those wings
to fly with the birds
across the great sky

and into the morning . . .
down through the night
the dreams of that fish
were always of flight .  .

mere flesh,
feather, scale, and fur
 the beasts of this earth
never fully share . . .

yet a heartbeat away
a breath taken deep
the warmth of the sun
a love that will keep

a world of water,
as the dolphin flies,
she leaps with a grace
in a soaring bird's eyes . . .

the joy of rapture
the freedom to dream
take just one step
you'll have your wings . . 

This music is so beautiful . . it brings the tears to my eyes . . . it's perfect . . . the sweet strings dancing with the piano . . . it's a dream of a song . . . something to give wings to the listener . . . lift them up with gentle warm breezes . . . let them fly with the music . . . the heart is full of happiness as the soul finds freedom . . . a melody to savor . . .Thank you for the kind dedication!


Tags:  electropop, trancepop, trancetechno, popelectro, tranceelectro

Love this upbeat . . . dance . . . A perfect roll-out of excellent tunes .  .  . It is Jorisma's standard of excellence . . . Totally worth a listen.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brilliantly Beautiful!

Tags: piano, instrumental, soundtrack, classical, neoclassical

I listened for hours today . . . the music was moving . . . heart touching . . . there was a lightness in the melodies and yet a shadow in the mood  . ..  It felt as if someone were leaving, locking up their home and going away . . . There was a tale in the music, told through the emotion of the piano . . . it flowed through the soul . . . and rested there, in the heart where there are memories to savor . . . even though we have said goodbye . . . we will always have the music . . .


Tags: soundtrack, ambient, orchestral, movie, filmmusic

The word epic rises to mind [ :-D]. . . as I listen . . . a long tale, a narrative of heroic proportions . . . the road is endless and the legend becomes twined, like a titanic helix . . . ten epic breezes to wind through the listener's vagaries (twenty-four tracks)  . .. dragons and queens . . . evil and good . . . embattled cities . . . and more, for when you are enchanted by the music, your dreams become vivid, liquid as if a magic carpet had lifted you into the fantasies of your imaginations . . .


Tags: instrumental, downtempo, soundtrack, ambient

Long ago . . . a train pushed it's way through the waiting atmosphere . . . leaving disaster in its wake, creating a mystery . . . And a calming zephyr  blows inward, from the hidden places, like a kiss . . . yet cold like the winters of the plains . . . and the ghosts of the mysteriously departed sing into our listening ears . . . there is a haze before my eyes . . . I see the clouds of sorrow run with tears, anciently  drenched of their salt . . they fall, the sweet soothing rain, like gentle music . . .a balm for the soul and heart . . . 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bits of Music for the Season of Dreams . . .

Tags: piano, ambient, minimal, avantgarde, northern

Cool like the bells of winter, a quiet descends as the last bird heads south and the solar evening stretches shadowy, chilly fingers across the land . . . feeling the bones of the earth as she settles in for the long night . . . the long trees bend deeply beneath the weight of the silver bells . . . and a question rests on the quiet air .. . .. 


Tags: pop, lounge, electropop, ambient, synthesizer 

This music, particularly, "Friday 1.2" reverberates in my heart . ..  makes me feel good . . . hopeful, happy.  The sun gleams out from the leaves of Fall . . .  the tin drum plays, dances . . . the wind rustles through the clouds . . . The listener travels through the spaces of time . . . music flows like a happy lullaby . . .


Tags: progressiverock

Beautiful . . . a 9.5 minute track which captures your soul and carries you into the realms of celestial fantasies . . . and yet to be imagined creations . . . a quiet, personal adventure evolves and the listener searches and finds rest in the eye of the chaotic storm . . . 


Energizing . . . Cinematic . . . Listen!

Tags: instrumental, soundtrack, orchestral, adrian, berenguer

Dreamy and romantic, passionate and divine  . . . like the hidden dance of the dancer in the box on the mantel . . . a life that drifts with the flow of the music . . . sometimes dramatic and often unknowingly peaceful . . . the dark and the light where images change with the whims of the melody . . . flowing, flowing like a river of time . ..  through the soul of the listener . . .  Beautiful!


Tags: instrumental, ambient, easylistening, cosmic, rockalternative

Electronic music that takes you to the skies and back . . Beautifully energized and full of uplifting emotions . . . This is music to play for your days . ..  to give you wings and feet that fly . . . a melody to share the movie of your dreams . . . tell the story of your years . ..  


Tags: celtic, symphonic, epic, cinematic, nativeamerican

Lively and dance-worthy . . .  a long whirlwind journey through the emerald green of fresh new worlds . . . I hear the distant call of mystery . . . These are excellent pieces . . . with an ear to lovely embellishments . . . and the spiritual voice of song lines this fluid road of music. . . Though these three pieces are very different in nature . . . they are consistent in energy and artistry . . . "The Chase" in particular, an epic cinematic piece, had an interesting thread of sound running through the main instrumentals . . . listen for it . . . it's quite appealing . . .


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Piano Playlist

Sometimes I feel alone and wistful . . . in my head . . . I need the space to think, dream, create . . . to find the last treasure . . . to look beyond the endless sky to the final star . . . to plant my roots or take my wings and soar forever . . .

And here I love to listen to a stream of piano .. . that sweet, humane and expressive instrument where the heart and the hands connect sound . . . to the inner vision . . . 

I have a playlist on Jamendo of some of my favorites . . . and now that they allow us to create a widget of these playlists and share them . .  I am quick to share mine . . . Hours and hours of listening . . . Hit the start button and listen for as long as you wish . . .

Don't forget that you can click on the song title and artist and be taken to their page on Jamendo . . .

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Short and Quick Mentions . . .

By the way . . . Jamendo has a new widget (gadget) which gives you the opportunity to easily download songs, albums and open the link to the artist's page by clicking on the artist's name or
clicking on the title to go to the album page . . . The widget itself is a little more usable with options for the user . . . similar to many other widgets on the market . . . check it out!

Tags:  jazz, electronic, soundtrack, ambient, synth

WOW! Very good, and with 19 tracks . .  . and though, not exactly 83 songs . ..  enough great music here to make a good impression! I love Dom The Bear's music . . . he has a wide range of approaches and visions . .. .  lots of expressions with enough diversity to appeal to anyone's music taste . . .


Tags: piano, newage, vocal, synthesizer

South O'Mike and his beautiful voice, reading poetry to the stunning musical accompaniments of Dom The Bear, Ginger Tom, Pierre Marie, and Van Syla . . All accomplished musicians, and SOM (Mike) who has served this community so diligently and has such a warm and expressive voice . . . Thank you for sharing this lovely project . . . It has turned out very nicely!

Also, I want to mention here, that the poetry was written by me and published on "Orangeupurple?" in various places . . .  


Friday, September 6, 2013

Native American Style Music

Simply for pleasure:

My playlist from Jamendo:

The music of the wind . .  the flute:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fragor Project

Fragor Project, "Usque ad noctem"

Tags: dark wave, ambient, melancholic, ethereal, neoclassical

On browsing, in the long playlists of Jamendo, I often get bored and disappointed . . . but when this music began to play . . . the piano twinkled like starlight through the darkness, and through it all the spirit was lifted out of its morass, and somehow absolved and reprieved from continuous dismay. This music is not upbeat but it does have its way of uplifting the listener with clear waves of music, as solemn as ritual, yet as beautiful as moon glow . . .

Perhaps the music, dark and dreamy, takes the listener into a place of solitude, where they could find rest and peacefulness . . . a place alone and away from the stress of daily life, and into a region where one could hear the throb of the heartbeat of nature . . . of existence . . . the sound of the galaxies flying through the cosmos . . . 

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Fragor Project, "Throb"

Tags: dark wave, ambient, melancholic, ethereal, neoclassical