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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Short and Quick Mentions . . .

By the way . . . Jamendo has a new widget (gadget) which gives you the opportunity to easily download songs, albums and open the link to the artist's page by clicking on the artist's name or
clicking on the title to go to the album page . . . The widget itself is a little more usable with options for the user . . . similar to many other widgets on the market . . . check it out!

Tags:  jazz, electronic, soundtrack, ambient, synth

WOW! Very good, and with 19 tracks . .  . and though, not exactly 83 songs . ..  enough great music here to make a good impression! I love Dom The Bear's music . . . he has a wide range of approaches and visions . .. .  lots of expressions with enough diversity to appeal to anyone's music taste . . .


Tags: piano, newage, vocal, synthesizer

South O'Mike and his beautiful voice, reading poetry to the stunning musical accompaniments of Dom The Bear, Ginger Tom, Pierre Marie, and Van Syla . . All accomplished musicians, and SOM (Mike) who has served this community so diligently and has such a warm and expressive voice . . . Thank you for sharing this lovely project . . . It has turned out very nicely!

Also, I want to mention here, that the poetry was written by me and published on "Orangeupurple?" in various places . . .  


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