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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Two by Three

This posting contains three artists with two album offerings each. . . (I was just trying to be cute) . . .

The first artist is Avi Rosenfeld and his hot rock guitar . . . fast tempo and thoughtful lyrics. . . You get the sense that he incorporates bright emotions and wings to take us around the world in a whirl of energy and vision.  I dare you to listen and not want to dance to this dynamic music. He has several albums, chuck full of this kinetic Rock music . . . varying from dark and brooding to light and vivacious . . ..  always brimming with extraordinary guitar play, keyboarding and drum . . . 



Spisfire is a musical poet . . . putting the sounds of instruments, vocals, and life together in order to express a dream or emotion. . . I find serenity AND dance in these pieces . . . with the space to listen and wonder, or move to an inner desire . ..  The second album, "Bango World" has been my favorite Spisfire album for a long time . . . It has a primitive, instrumental, evocative power with an electronic mix . . . and a mystical, quixotic personality . .. . overall a beautiful album to listen to over and over again.



Last but not least . . . I can't get over how beautiful and restful this music is .  .  so serene and tender, the piano plays over the drama of troubled emotions and calms the spirit down.  This was a lovely surprise find for me and I will continue to look for more from this artist.



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