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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Colors . . ( Yvalain )

Yvalain . . . .



Yvalain's music, deployed without reticence, whether independent or collaborative, has a strong, unique style. Every tune is creatively distinct, always giving an enjoyable experience . . .  His music and words are filled with an unrestrained sort of expression. This characteristic music brings flamboyant colors into the listening arena . . . and meaning to the soul. Yvalain writes poetry in order to articulate his heart-felt emotions and desires for a better world. . . . embellished, embroidered with beautiful melodies, intriguing instruments, and emphatic vocals . .  the message gets through and touches the hearts of the listeners.  In other words . . . he knows how to put several ingredients together to make things work . .  the bread rises and feeds the hungry. . . the thought provoking pieces swim through the atmosphere and breath unforgettable sounds into the listening ear.

I chose the "Soul Colors" albums to share specifically because they are a great showcase of various collaborators . . . the styles of music, the poetry and . . . the dream!




  1. Thank you dear Barbara, I'm honored to receive such compliments

  2. Thank you for sharing your music, Yvalain!