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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sing Like There is No Tomorrow .. ..

Yard ornament


Super electronic music .  .  . driving my energies and my mood until I feel
like a shining light . .  Cool sounds . . . great flow and perfect balance.


Aufklarung is an iconic favorite on Jamendo, and this album will answer
why . . . Follow the emotions, flavors, temperaments, dreams, and vision
of his music, 18 tracks, as you listen . . .


Love these bluesy tunes with the vocals, a rough whisky male voice, giving an atmosphere of a smoky club, and an amiable gathering of souls shrouded in darkness and warm chatter. The band's soul gives off a foot tapping energy. . . the electric guitar and drums so entwined. The lyrics are melancholic, perfect for these edgy melodies. Overall an excellent listen.


Rune visits the dark side with an ease, slipping sideways into the unknown places of
quietness, introspection and dreams . . . Though dark, his visions have hope, fantasy and
brilliant shafts of light, plummeting like angels into the obscure, shadowy worlds he creates
through music and the scratchy ephemeral sounds of old records covered in dusty dreams.


Easy listening, bluesy, relaxing . . . perfect for background sounds to ease the tensions
of the day yet invigorate the senses.


Drones and mutters, sounds like thunder . . . whispering music
receding . . . conceding .  .  . this kind of music is perfect for
headaches and dreams . . . Paint a picture or write a poem as you
listen . . . the music flows through like spirits in sunshine . . .


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