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Friday, June 21, 2013

Artistic . . .

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Patrick Kaloust ASLANIAN, "SITIA LOUNGE - Summertime"

"Beautiful Light" - Starting with a nice acoustic guitar . .  develops into a wonderful dream with an electric guitar and a sax singing in the distance . . . 

"Green Mountain" - Awesome with large brassy horns . . . dramatic and poetic . .  the drums so minute . . . like wisps of clouds, footsteps in the haze on the mountain.

"Sitia Seaside" Featured drums and an expressive electric guitar . . . at times various sounds depicting sunshine and a sense of activity . .  a brightness shines through . . people are having their adventures under the blue sky and the ocean waves . . 

Over all, rather than call this music, "lounge" (although it has some lounge like atmospheres) I would call it poetic . . . the type of music in which the artist endeavors to create the feelings, moods, sensations and visions of the landscape . . 

And this artist was very successful, utilizing sounds and instruments of every kind to paint a vivid picture. I started listening because I thought I would hear music that would relax me . .  and although I was relaxed, I was interested . . . the musician artistically engaged me with the music and as this generous album played out, I was able to internalize all these visions. . .  Everything from the sea to the mountains .. . .  to the distant exotic East and back again to a Summer rainy day . . 

I think my favorite was "Inside" because of the beautiful harmony of the guitars . . . That was so gorgeous! But I don't know . . . maybe they all are my favorites . . . I guess I had better listen again!


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