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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New to Me . . .How About You?

EnigmaticVoyager has made some beautiful videos, sharing the music of many independent musicians of the new age, ambient variety . . . The video maker puts the music together in an unique flow which is soothing to listen to, and shows the talented sophistication and generosity of the artists and the video maker.

00:00 Lumiere Tales - Forest of Myth
02:55 The Mood Drum - Creative Freedom
09:40 Code Indigo - Call of the Earth
18:40 Zero-project - The Great Spirit
24:12 Bryan EL - Stardust
27:30 Nyte - Imagine Tomorrow (Chillout Mix)
31:54 Spectrum - Take Me Back
36:17 Synthetic Substance - Fulfilment Moment
40:25 Sebastien Marchal - None
48:16 Green Sun - In Your Mind
53:10 Jon Richards - Permian


The dreamy, PeerGynt Lobogris, rewards his fans with endlessly excellent music . . .
starring the hottest bluesy/rocking guitar this side of Mars . . .  Lobogris knows how
to make his sounds slip into our soul and captivate our imaginations . . . Music most
sublime . . . divine and captivating . . .

There is a romantic nostalgia in the guitar of Frank Harper, serene and sentimental and always a treat to hear his compositions. Although, most of my childhood was wild and rowdy . . . I do remember my daydreaming moments . . . where I could be lifted away into the depths of the skies to dance on the clouds . . . or fly away, swooping with the flocks of birds . .. feeling unfettered as the dolphin on the open seas . . . where anything is possible  . . . There is a freedom of childhood, the world outspread and open before the bare feet and wide eyes which is captured by this music . . . but also a sense of loss . . . as if the musician were looking back, trying to recreate those glorious moments of innocence and joy.  A beautiful album, for sure, with deeply comprehensive music encompassing the child within us . . .


Video by Van Syla . . . see comments below regarding the album.


She plays on her piano's keyboard with joy, mindfulness and rapturous memories . . . while imaging dancing feet and a glowing countenance in the eyes of the listener . .  When I listen to her music I feel elation in my heart .  .  . like bubbles . . . that glow in the sunshine; revolving with the colors of the rainbow . . . and which make me smile. I hear in this music, the far away reflections of celtic pipes. . . like spirits in the breeze; and the strings like waves kissing the feet of the cliffs . . ..  Van Syla has a concept of brightness and light which flows from her spirit to ours . .  and we are forever grateful . . . Her memories of a wonderful voyage to the Emerald Isle has come back to gift us with splendor and delight like a postcard with a heartfelt message, "Wish you were here!"


Sad and world weary, dreamy and wistful is the music of Elly Jay . . .
beautiful and slow .  . with a remarkable tenderness which exudes
empathy . . . and sorrow, love and compassion.  The piano glides like a swan
and the waves of percussion beat on its breast like
a heart . . or a butterfly trying to find its way in . . . carrying along with it
the things we try to remember . . . like yesterday's golden sunshine.


So, I find myself smiling as I listen to this upbeat, happy, danceable music
by MegaEnx . . . a musician I haven't heard before .. . . My fingers are
flying in lieu of my legs as I listen . . . think I'll go dance awhile to these
sounds . . . I dare you to sit still while listening to "Wild Feelings."