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Monday, June 30, 2014

Check it Out . . .

This utterly gorgeous album by zero-project:
Whenever I see his name, I stop and listen . . . the music is not to be missed . . 
his creations are perfect! I get quite excited when I see a new album of his.
This is nice chill with the divinely heart-wrenching emotional fingerprints
of zero-project.


This STUNNING album by Ronny Matthes
Some of this music is familiar, but all most beautiful . .  . my heart loves the piano . . .
and these compositions were done with an easy flow that builds something 
emotional in the soul.


This album by PATROUX:
Music with some thrill and drama as if for film, yet ambient and gentle
like ocean waves under a Summer sun.


Most interesting sounds by Ambient Samurai - Ichiro NAKAGAWA:
This music is kind of a drone . . . interesting and soothing in a fascinating kind of way.
It makes me think of daydreaming by the seaside . . . very pleasant . . . 
Don't let the titles fool you . . . I think they lack creativity but then this artist
is better at sound than word.


The extraordinary music of Tunguska Society:
These are always top quality, beautiful and quite stimulating. The uniqueness and creativity of 
these artists are not to be missed. I always enjoy these albums.  Here are two new ones. Check out the Jamendo pages because there are some interesting words to read . . . a story and some information.


This charming album by JoseManuelGonzalez:
The music is beautiful and exactly as advertised . . dreamy, danceable,
relaxing and lovely.


And I can't get enough of this unique and stunning Blues album by Jac:


That reminds me . ..  the Blues Festival starts in a few days, here in Portland . .. 


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