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Monday, December 15, 2014

. . . and Spring will Return . . . With Her Usual Flair. . .


The long intro took us, the listeners on a long trip into the places of wind dreams all over the Universe . . . . some places exotic and some familiar . . .  Beautiful! The wind blows through the entire album . . . measuring our reactions to these sentimental melodies . . . giving us the freedom to feel joy and peace.


Piano improvisation is always so expressive and emotional . . . a voice that speaks from the soul of the musician . . . always a treat and always unique.  These pieces were no exception. Extraordinary!

SoLaRiS always writes such beautiful, dreamy music . . . it's like being IN a "Sanctuary" . . . a place of hope, dreams and safety. Always wonderful music to play in the backdrop of life .. . let it flow around you like swirls of cool water . . .. full of bubbles and life . . .


Quiet and dense . . . the music leaves spaces in its wake with feelings of sublimity. . .  psychedelic and drifting slowly, it ebbs and flows like a tranquil tide of ether . . . rolling across the languid infinity of our minds . . . and an extraordinary guitar chatter . . . awakens our visions.


Smoothly energizing, this music flows from one end of the album to the other, encompassing the Universe with the vital capacity of an ethereal spirit . . . and driving the listener into the far reaches of their dreams.


Music and video by Dom the Bear: (Alpha Wolf wolfpack park inside Mercantour mountains. Musics copyright Dom The Bear "Living life for good " and "Landing off the ground ")

The video and music are relaxing . . . Whilst you watch the wolves contentedly romp around or relax, the music seeks to guide the emotions, delving into the spirit with thoughtfulness, and the listener begins to feel at one with the wolves.


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