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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Walking in the Mist . . .

At the Oregon Coast


The kind of chill that gives you wings and frees your tears to be raindrops as you fly . . . Smooth and delicate with an inner power that fills your hollow heart with hope . . .


This is a Jamendo popular pop . . . nice electronic dubstep . . . which I am enjoying. Great vocals and flow to the music . .  uplifting and dreamy . . . these guys could be very well loved if presented on a stage . . . Wonderful!


This is quite nice for traveling music . . . or dreaming about traveling . . . where ever you wish . . . into space or down the road . ..  move your legs, or your spaceship . . . This music is chill/jazzy and very nice.


The music, while electronic, has interesting quirks, lifts and swirls, which pulls the listener into the realm of the exotic dream . .. relaxing or adventurous . . . Peaceful and flying high. The singers leave a captivating imprint through the music and help intertwine the mental visuals with a touch of enticing sensuality . . . This music is downtempo, exotic, dreamy and compelling . . . with poetic lyrics weaving in and out of the sound stream.  The artist has left us a generous album to explore . . . allowing the music to fill our environment, guiding us in our own artistic endeavors, flowing like life through our souls . . .


Bringing original rock, to the listening ears . . . with creativity and some sense of the world lighting the way, Avi Rosenfeld has created a masterpiece . . . Loved the album cover which is a new style of presentation for this artist and his group. The album sounds professional with exceptional mastering and the wonderful music is full of life with an exciting collection of loud rocking instruments, expressive and an overall effect redolent of talent and applied knowledge. The vocals are admirably articulate, sometimes intimate in the listening ears and other times shouting, screaming from a distance. 


Un-melodic and sonorous, sizzling, glitchy . . . flowing with the ripple of bells sparkling in the deep pool of sound . . . this album is full of surprises, like a treasure box of sound . . . The elements of the tracks take the listener places . . . into the depths of a cave or the furthest galaxy . . . into the heavens or a city alley . . . echoing with lost dreams and fantasies of life . . . amazingly enticing, frightening, enjoyable, dark and bright . .  very creative!


Beautifully composed, with the warm honeyed tones of an emotional guitar predominating . . . Click on the title of the album and go to the page where there is a description of the naming and creating of this lovely little, altogether too short, album.  But, mostly, lay back and enjoy the feeling of the music, as it peacefully washes over you . . . 


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