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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Eclectic Mix of Some Pretty Good Stuff . . .

Ken Verheecke, "Spring Reflections"

Tags: instrumental, new, peaceful, age, relaxing

The tags say it all! The guitar music is warm, mellow and so full of peace, the listener could just float out of their body and far away into the delicate energies of gentle memories, time and place . . . I find myself dreaming when I listen to this and I feel my heart wrap around the harmonic melodies . . . as if all of existence becomes one with the universe .  .  .


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Butterfly Tea, "Asian Universe"

Tags: world, electronic, asian, instrumental

Right away, in "Chinese Fantasy V2," the thrum of drums, guitar and the mysterious call of flutes aroused my interest . . . Butterfly Tea is an expert at using an excellent collection of instruments to garner the sensations from the exotic atmosphere of the Far East, the magic of Asia  . ..  Shadows and sunshine play and weave throughout, and the imagination is captivated by the impression that the music imparts . . .  Heavy drama and graceful fantasy fill the emotional visions of the listener . . . These are beautiful and quite enticing for the adventurous listener . . .


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Sonic Mystery, "Collected Lounge Works"

Tags: lounge, sexy, chillout, relaxing, jazzy

This album is so nice to play in the evening . . . a beautiful dinner accompaniment and a calming interlude during the day . . . The music is melodious and catchy with a smooth flow. A very nice album to add to your Chill playlist. So happy to see Sonic Mystery back with some new music . . . they have always been favorites of mine.


  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

Simon Slator, "The Mosaic Effect"

Tags:  instrumental, electronic, melodic, progressive, oldfield

Bell-like sounds and brilliant orchestral influences motivate these excellent compositions. The sounds speak with the language of fresh, happy music . . . uplifting with a slight sentimental appeal . . . Overall, these tunes are melodic and inspiring . . . a beautiful music to let play while reading or relaxing.


Void Project, "El Derecho a la Pereza"

Tags: instrumental, downtempo, electronic, idm, chillout

I must say, that I didn't expect much from this album, since there are no titles or names for the tracks .  . just numbers . . . from 1 to 11 . .  but then we can't be creative in all ways and perhaps the artist is too busy making music to make up titles for his pieces .. ..  and since the music is absorbing and delightful . . soothing and calm . .  beautifully warm and cool . . . melodic and lovely . . . it doesn't really matter that they don't have names .  . it's the music I am focused on . .  

As I listened, I found that this music is giving me a place to retreat and relax . .  to be at peace . . . to heal .  . I particularly liked #9 with the tone and tiny electronic voices sparkling through the piece. I must also add that I felt inspired as I listened . . . felt uplifted and poetic . . . felt creative and happily content . . .. because of this . . . this album is my favorite of the day!  Very enjoyable! Totally addicting!


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