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Monday, August 5, 2013

Peace . . .

Borys Kuczkowski, "Random Hues of Sunshine"

Tags: downtempo, beats, minimal, electronicambient, chillwave

These pieces are poetic and minimalistic without being drone . . . I found that I felt relaxed and at peace as I listened . . . they seemed to have a healing aspect with a sense of presence and somehow there is an underlying dark feeling relating to our temporal existence . . . on the verges, one feels an entity gathering and holding together the reality of an unseen essence on earth  . . The track #7 was quite stunning . .  .. .. .. moving me closer to the speakers to gather every nuance of this composition . . . bits and pieces of sound . . . the beat, the groans, the flavor of breath . . .


Dom The Bear, "Arrakis ( live impro )

Tags: soundtrack, ambient, synthesizer, electronical, newageinstrumental

Mysterious and dreamy . .  this seems like a space trip . . . this listener visualizes swooping flights through time and peaceful atmospheres and the colors of space. The song of the dreaming angel permeates this piece throughout, building a bridge between the earthly and the heavenly  . . . Within the same song there are feelings which are both gentle and strong . .. passionate and peaceful . .. of humanity and the ethereal . . flame and ice . ..  'Tis a long voyage, like life, full of wonder and vision . . . Put on your wings, and dream . . . Excellent!

Edit: Check out this information on Arrakis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrakis
One of my favorite novels was "Dune" . .  isn't it everyone's favorite?


The Kinky Fingers, "Make You Happy"

Tags: rock, blues, happy, kinky, fingers

I was attracted to the album title, initially (I like happy things) . . . and then I was captivated by the sound and especially that quirky, emotional voice.  The kind of sonorousness you would hear in a smoky bar . . . setting a mood, an emotion . . . whatever the singer wishes to express . . . a little bit of sad darkness with a spark of hope. Very nice, rocking blues . .. 


Peter kind, "The secret of the universe"

Tags: instrumental

The theme of this album, being about the hidden tunnels in the pyramid, Cheops, and some findings therein . . . captivated my curiosity and of course I had to check it out . .  here is a link to the information I found: "News Network, Archaeology"

The music, on the other hand is well worth the listen, as it is quite enjoyable just in and of itself . . . various, expertly woven tunes with meaningful emotions and expressions .. . . . .. all depicting the pyramids and the area . .  the mystery of the relics and constructions . . . The magic of the music is inspirational and creative. . .  Very nice!


Massimo Bosco, "Alaya"

Tags: world, newage, ethno, meditative, buddhist

One of my very favorite genres is this floating style of "newage" which seems to give me an inner peace, just through the listening . .  I can dream and soar into the arms of the stars, through the cosmos to where the darkness glows with the thoughts of the galaxies . . . neighborhoods of mystery . . . Dreams of eternity . . . Perfect!


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