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Monday, August 19, 2013

Fragor Project

Fragor Project, "Usque ad noctem"

Tags: dark wave, ambient, melancholic, ethereal, neoclassical

On browsing, in the long playlists of Jamendo, I often get bored and disappointed . . . but when this music began to play . . . the piano twinkled like starlight through the darkness, and through it all the spirit was lifted out of its morass, and somehow absolved and reprieved from continuous dismay. This music is not upbeat but it does have its way of uplifting the listener with clear waves of music, as solemn as ritual, yet as beautiful as moon glow . . .

Perhaps the music, dark and dreamy, takes the listener into a place of solitude, where they could find rest and peacefulness . . . a place alone and away from the stress of daily life, and into a region where one could hear the throb of the heartbeat of nature . . . of existence . . . the sound of the galaxies flying through the cosmos . . . 

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Fragor Project, "Throb"

Tags: dark wave, ambient, melancholic, ethereal, neoclassical


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