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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A New Day . . .

I apologize if I have missed reviewing somebody's album . . . . Sadly, I am behind on my work here. I have been ill and very unmotivated, as my illness and my job seems to take every bit of energy out of my existence . . . and life seems to get in the way . . . I believe, though, that things will get better with time . . . as my stepmother used to say, "This too, shall pass . . ."


Tags:  instrumental, guitares, jorgestrada, jaimeheras, jmcorvisier

"Another Gentle Knock" was replete with bluesy guitars, sweetly sentimental . . . very beautiful . . . tenderly moving. . . and then the album moved into the deep beauty of "Deep Forest," with lovely instrumental sounds weaving a magic which entices the listener to follow . . . The music, herein, was all gorgeous and thoughtful with a creative sweep that makes every song unique and special. I think my favorite was the cool, vibrant electric guitar of "Magic Baby Smile."


Tags: instrumental, violons, guitareacoustique

What an interesting combination of instruments and what a lovely title, to go with such dramatically lovely music.  This style of music would go well as background, movies, stage productions . . . I envisioned "Truculences" as a wild, happy dance . . . 


Tags:  piano, love, slow, orchestra

I love this little (12 minute) tune . . . like a tender lullaby, it holds romance dearly,
the piano wanders about following the bells with wonder and a certain secret joy . . .
As the music progresses . .  the listener finds themselves falling into a peaceful
daydream . . . This is a very beautiful piece!


Tags:  soundtrack, symphonic, chillout, relaxing, symphony

Classic styled and beautiful. These pieces have strings which build and rise and sparkle and ebb, like following the flow of water . . . moving and emotional . . .


Tags:  dream, indie, chillout, electronical, acousitc

These are pieces to dream to . . . I loved, "Closer" as it had some little twangs that crawled under my soul . . . finding myself listening closely and being engaged. This album is the type to use as music to inspire the artist or impress the dreamer . . . to feel as if floating in space and touching the stars is imminent . . . with some minimalistic moments . . . and some silent spaces like pure peacefulness . . . then twinkles of sound telling a quiet tale . . . a beautiful album, exactly as advertised.



  1. Mes remerciements pour ta critique sympathique, et pour ta santé, Que les ondes musicales de nous tous, chamboulent les circuits de la maladie quelle quelle soit et la satellise dans les oubliettes de la stratosphère.

  2. I am so glad that you liked the review . . . thank you for sharing your music!