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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doorways to Flight . . .

Tags:  pop, love, happy, cinematic

Blood flows through the veins of those who love . . . 
blessed with a release from lonely heart ache, 
and for an eternal moment
a glimpse . . . a vision as
the stars filter through the wings . . .
and the angels sing;
for those who love
there is tranquility
and discernment . . .
a quality of wisdom . . . reaching deep,
as the sun filters like golden motes
beneath the blackness of the sea . . . 

This music is beautiful, with some familiar sounding melodies . . . it sets the mood of the listener to a pleasant, happy mode. . . a moment of bliss, a dance, a jazzy interlude, romantic and touching .  .  . a sentimental journey . . . Something for everyone to enjoy. My very favorite was the first track, "LOVE" . . . . which quite captivated my heart!

Also, thank you (to the artist) for sharing part of one of my poems: http://orangeupurple.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-love-is-mystery.html
with his gorgeous light piece, "My Love Is A Mystery."


Tags:  rock, newage, instrumental, fusion, guitar

Dramatic and seductive . . . hot and driven . . . wild or tender . . . give PeerGynt a guitar and you will never want to stop listening . . .  With the wings he gives you, through his creations, you will find yourself in places you never dreamed . . . stars and moons glowing in your eyes . . . and energy in your soul . . . 


Tags:   rock, soundtrack, ambient, progressiverock, progressivemetal

Dom The Bear flies . . . with the greatest of ease he creates music that fits every mood and engulfs the listener with every style of music . .  These rocking tunes will take the listener out of this world . . . while enticing them to listen over and over again. 


Tags:  newage, instrumental, soundscape, keyboard, newageinstrumental

I love the sparkly, warm, and positive feel of the piano's voice in these pieces . . . The music has much to say . . . I love Fall's beauty . . but then there is the cold and rain . . . so the music, like a crackling fire, keeps me warm . . . 


Tags:  world, improvisation, instrumental, indiepop, mayadeluna

Delicious and delightful, the angelic vocals of Maya are not to be missed. . . her voice strikes right to the soul of the listener . . . and accompanying Yvalain's music becomes pure bliss. Beautiful and delicate is the balance between singer and instrumental . . . like a feather on the breeze, the soul is lifted, tenderly into the ether, where it finds the birth of love, and a deep joy that penetrates straight the heart. This album is where we can find our peace and a mellow sort of happiness that glows like treasure.


Tags:  instrumental, downtempo, electronic, space, tunguska

Tunguska = magic . . . a drifting, dreamy sort of interlude in a busy day . .  to calm and give dreams of star fields and galaxies spinning slowly in the heart of the Universe . . . I can almost always count on Tunguska music to be exquisite.



  1. Thank you for your review of LOVE and for creating a poem on the album. Sometimes the simplest pieces are the most enticing: LOVE (the track)

  2. I think, "simple," is my favorite style . . . it speaks more to me in its simplicity. I'm glad you liked the review and the poem.