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Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspiring . . .

Tags: ambient, musiqueambiance, chillout, wellness, musiquedefilm

This beautifully charming piano music took me quite by surprise . . . so perfect for my day . . . I felt as if I were melting into the sounds of the melodies.  These pieces give you the feeling of rest as if you were on a vacation . . . away from the hubbub and stress of regular life . . . I dreamed I was on a hammock . . .  swinging gracefully in the breeze; the sun smiling and shining overhead; the sky a deep blue, punctuated with watercolor clouds drifting by; the tree tops glistening and dancing with a graceful rustle; and water running nearby, perhaps a stream with a small waterfall; the birds fly through and the bees are busy in the sweetly scented flowers . . . there is nothing harsh in this world . . .  no death, no sorrow . ..  only forever a peace . . . a place to dream . . . 


Tags: newage, instrumental, soundtrack, filmmusic, filmsoundtrack

Walter's music is always a sure thing. Professional and yet oozing with the nectar of creativity. I am always smiling . . . always moved when I listen to these beautiful sounds.


Tags:  lounge, piano, electronic, dream, soundtrak

Music, full of light and twinkles . . . heaping joy on the listener's ears . . . always a pleasure when it comes to Noblemo's music.


Tags:  rnb, ambient, classical, electronik

The quiet energies of this album are perfect to enlighten an afternoon of relaxation . . .  Some of these songs have the edginess of restless mornings, or the soft cover of gentle rain but nothing is harsh with this music . . . just beauty and joy.


Tags:  celtic, medieval, ambiental, gothic, electronicmusic

A must listen, at least to hear this delightful style of music, presented with an awareness and intrigue regarding the pleasures of simplicity . . . the sounds of a melody which inspire one to meditate or dream and find a depth within the soul to be explored. . .. Please go to the album's page and read all the text by this artist regarding the styles of each song. Remember to click on the name of the songs to find those texts . . . enjoy!



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