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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In the silence of the night, listen for the music . . .

Basically, some very nice jazzy chill . . . traditional and upbeat . . . Always love this guy's stuff.


The piano is dramatic and emotional and the vibraphone gives an uniquely lovely, light. . . . bubbles in the sky kind of music. This album is full of upbeat, expressive, dramatic and sunny sounds.


The hidden sounds at sea . . . 
the shush of waves and wind and wing 
and the eternal breath
of Earth as she changes form and position . . . 
as the tides come and go . . .
and the seeking
of sound combs through 
finding dreams in deep caverns 
and the drip of water upon the foam.


These guys are spectacular with the didgeridoo and other powerful earthy sounds . . the drums and vocals of indigenous peoples . . . All their albums are excellent and this is the latest . . . ENJOY!!! 


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