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Monday, February 10, 2014

Let the Music Feed Our Soul . . .

Impressive music . . . this piece seems to filter from the distant lights of our memories, our loves .. . .  our electric vision . . . along with a captivating beat and vivid sounds . . . excellent for parties and dance.


What a perfect mix of world, reggae, lounge . . . like an exotic trip over the seven seas on a banana boat . . .. dark at times yet brilliant with reflections of warmth and improvisational feel along with some avant-garde filtering through the latino styles . . . From cool to warm, light to dark, traditional to creative . . . this music speaks to the soul through the tempo of desire . . .


Certainly gives me air beneath my wings . . .  and a smooth road beneath my feet. C.J. is one of the best and most consistent composing great electronic music. . . definitely one of my favorites. His dense pieces always have some bright surprises lurking around the corner . . . great energies and the kind of tempo which keeps your feet and heart happy.


I think I may have died and gone to heaven . . . in that case . .  I am content and leave me be, as I listen
to the music of the spheres . . . the stars may sing and the angels play upon their ethereal instruments . .. but they can barely match the magnitude of this lovely music . .. My heart flows along with the sentimental vibrations of his piano . . . soul and heart . . . ever full of beauty!


So powerful is the piano to become one with the listener . . . this piano music is professional and creative, while sharing the emotions and dreams of the musician with emphasis and vision . . .
This reviewer felt, while listening, that the pianist was articulating eloquently about the trials and joys of his life and heart, through his piano keys as moved by fingers directed by his soul.


Listen to this electric, earthy, tribal, drumbeat as it takes you downriver into the darkness of the unknown . . .  dance to the beat of the shamanistic rituals . ..  dream as if you are one with all the landforms, the running water, creatures and more . . . and your colorful visions will enlighten you as a rainbow forms over your soul  . .. 



  1. "Gothic Piano"... beautiful sounds of grand piano..


  2. Wolfsong, tu es un catalyseur d'inspiration incroyable ! Merci d'avoir publié mon album 'Highmas 5'. À très vite pour partager encore et encore...