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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Spirit Inside . . .

WOW . . . wake yourself up in the morning with this delightful dance music . ..  livening and lively with a quick rhythm and nice flow of melodies and percussion . . . There seems to be a spark, a sort of birdlike sound that dances through the melodies . ..  giving vision of sunshine and the beauty of nature . .. All three versions, and musicians, had some uniqueness to display through the piece and overall . . . I could listen to more of it! 


I have been enjoying this album for days!  The sexy, sultry vocals of the singer add to the music like a soul and a beating heart add to life. The romantic flow of the jazzy music is creative and poetic and wraps around her like the warm arms of a lover . . . or the comfort of memories . . . This is a fantastic album!


Drifting and pleasant . .  like a reflective cloud painted on a blue sky . . . Dive into that cloud and float with this relaxing compositional piece.


This music puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. I love lullabies . . . and think of them as the sound of singing angels . . . a musical ensemble that relaxes and brings good dreams . . . Download this one and play it to your babies .  .  . and soothe their woes away with the dulcet sounds of the harp and the evolving melodic sounds of this piece as they drive that carriage to slumberland.


Oh my . .  a diversity of style . . . and yet . . .
that voice . . . that dream . . .
carries me through the end . . .

and then I fly  .. ..


Catchy and energizing . . .  From the glisten of the piano as it intros to "Truculences," to the high stepping drums . .. and a little carnival melody as we pass by in this excellently composed piece . . .  It seemed happier than its name would indicated, but it's vision is of color and joy . . . a music to play as you walk jauntily down your interesting city streets .  . "1TOXX" was a little more sedate, symphonic and formal . . .  yet had a vivacity of its own. The strings rippling and roaring to draw the listener into the environment of the music . . . A very nice album to play on a gray, dreary day . . . to hear the joys of color and envision summer with its plentitude, on its way.



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