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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Enjoy the Flow of Music . . .

With one ear . .  I can still hear the love and nuances applied to the music of creative souls. 

Giving a shout-out to one of our new favorites on Jamendo, David Jefferson. Sharing his "Best of" widget here as I don't want to pick a favorite album. The music tends to be classical, ambiental . . . and just plain beautiful:


Noblemo pours his heart into the music he makes . .  jazzy and calming, yet energizing and dreamy . . . his piano always twinkles with happiness:


This piece, by Opusvertigo, is quite stunning . . . beginning as classic vocal, serene and celestial, it progresses and seemingly explodes into an energetic dubstep . . . Super as a party sound .  . . "Offbeat" is the word for it . . . 


If swing is your thing, check out the Paolo Pavan Quartet's great new album:


This album by Guy Berrier is quite eclectic . . . the pieces flow but things change . . . the strings are smooth and supple . . and the guitar challenges the quiet with a warm honeyed voice in the first piece.  The strings in the second piece are more aggressive, seeming to dance in a wild epic happiness with the rock guitar:


Eclectic, experimental, ear candy . . .  Love this album by Amitron_7 .
I like these pieces because they paint pictures in my inner eye and creative ideas
are planted in my brain.


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