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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Breath in the Music . . .

Two fisherment talking on a bench by Christian Krohg


Soothing and sentimental . . . this music is like honey to the soul . . . a balm to the excesses of life. Gorgeous music for relaxation or something to let the brain think and be . . . to read and dream. 


Art Owens is one of my favorite jazzists . . . with such a handle on his trumpet and the other instruments he plays that it just takes me away . . . as I listen. He still has a few bits on Jamendo, but is using Soundcloud, now, as his way to share his new music and collaborations. Extraordinarily wonderful stuff!


A new favorite of mine, Olexa Kabanov, prepares some beautiful music for us. It alternates between worldly, exotic and ambiental . . . dreamy and often incorporating the instruments of the Orient bringing along the flavors of exotic regions and long ago stories that come to mind.
Let yourself float over the glassy seas as your soul flies through the brilliant skies . . . feel healed and whole . . . Here are three, nine track albums . . . enjoy!



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