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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dragonflies and Music . . .

A dragonfly I happened to meet . . . 


This composition, by Cloudjumper, grows as it progresses . . . from the smallest tinkling of bells, breathing quietly into the atmosphere, as if it were a child busy at dreaming . . . eventually flying and accumulating deep emotion as it becomes a dramatic orchestral creation.


Pierre-Marie dreams of Ireland . . . it's beautiful landscapes and especially the people
. . .  and his visions and the depths of his soul's light comes through his gorgeous music . . . a lovingly composed piece . . . beautiful, passionate and graceful!

And this jazzy piece is exquisite with drama and angst floating along with a bluesy undertone. . .
alive with sentiment, peace and love:

There are several exciting new pieces by Pierre-Marie, one of my favorite artists on Jamendo . .  better go check out his stuff:  https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/338935/coedes-pierre-marie
Thanks for sharing your wonderful music, PM!


Check out Rybird's web site: Music, blog, photography and videos . . . Really very nice. Multitalented he likes to photograph birds, insects and the sky. He creates gorgeous music and his videos are artistic and professionally made. These are some of the best fades between scenes that I have ever seen. Go along for the ride . . . 


Tunnel Vision from Rybird Music on Vimeo.
The music video Tunnel Vision features the electronic rock track Her Secret Beauty by Rybird. Her Secret Beauty is available as a collection of Rybird's latest singles in high quality mp3's at: http://rybird.com/rybird-new-music.html
For more ambient and electronic rock music and videos see http://rybird.com
A Rybird Music Production copyright2014Rybird


Esther's music is graceful and sentimental, with an elegance of artistry which is remarkable
in this talented young woman's music. These compositions are great for background or would be wonderful in a film or dramatic play. Although a variety of styles and instruments are used, there is a consistency and flow to the entire album as there is to each piece. My favorite was "Red Desert" which was quite unique . .  flutes with a musical sound like water and the passing of a train like entity . .  made me think of Native American songs . . . dreamlike quality and mystical.  Very creative!


Be ready to dance . . . or fill your wings with the wild breezes of the bear . . . and fly . . . Dom the Bear is taking us into the mountains with him . . . Sharing his vision and expertise and talent as his music sails past our ears . . and we soar with his care and guidance. The mountains have their own voices as this music tries to express the glory and wonder of the heights of this world, scraping the edges of the eternal sky. I especially liked the exotic bells of "Strange Bells." In the end we can rest as we picnic in the grass, listen to the birds and dream that we are there . . . Nice work Dom! 


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