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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beauty by Design . . . Inspiration Most Divine . . .

Tags:  piano, melancolic, instrumental, orchestra, synthesizer

The tenderness of life,
is touching with the merest feather brush . . .
yet glows in the glory of the sun . . .
and the music dances
like hummingbirds around our desires . . .
we listen with our hearts uplifted
and our soul's dreams fulfilled . .
My face smiles with this music . . .
so bright, like a blue day . . .
a sky filled with puffy clouds
and the sparkle of leaves
as they whirl in the breeze . . .

I am still a big fan of Mancy . . .



Tags (The distant star) : space, deep, voyager, electronik, ambientinstrumental
Tags (Chroemotion) : ambient, nature, mind, relaxing, sleep

The dreams of Deep Space
flow like water over moss covered pebbles . . 
streaming around boulders
sands are driven
and slowly the world
and the universe are molded
into shapes like angels . . 
whose wings
brush gently
against my  cheek
drops fall . . .

Ambient and dreamy, this music is inspiring and relaxing. Add to any new-age playlist and listen and meditate while the creative juices flow.  I felt the sounds, flow through my being . . . pushing away tension and allowing a feeling of oneness with the Universe . . .


Tags:  black, ambient, chillout, to, forest

Someone is walking
through my forest
dreaming that trees
are walking too .. . .
Serenity and sanctuary
are places divine . . .
a moment alone
the trees bent spines
as they sing their song
of memories most ancient
and peace of heart

Music most lovely, to be heard on this album . . . quiet and rippling
through the listener's soul . . .


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