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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Electronic Wonders

Tags: lounge, soundtrack, ambient, chillout, electronika

Like a cool rain on a hot day . . . or the warmth of your fantasy in the touch of a lover . . .
find your dreams in the music . . . waves of sound dispersed through the atmosphere, wafting like incense . . . to the ears of the poet as you watch . . . the birds fly away and you feel lifted up with them.



Tags:  postrock, eclectic, ambiental, slow, relaxing

Both older albums (2010-2011) . . . these have just reached my attention and my ears  . . . 
and the ambient energies kicked into my psyche giving me the feeling of dissociation
from my earthly form and gravity . . .  taking me through the ozone and into times and 
spaces where stories are made and the earthly becomes sublime. 

Plus, I felt like dancing . . . so I went for it . . . These eclectic pieces were quite inventive
and yet true to the form as developed through both albums . . . a kind of jazzy music . . . very expressive, unique and very interesting . .. as sounds came and went, dissolving and mixing,
freeing and flying like a kaleidoscope, swirling, fading in and out with unique sounds and filling the mind with visions . . .


Tags:  electronic, newwave

Loving the Title (Good Sun), I was inspired to listen and thoroughly enjoyed this quiet little piece which rose and fell like a trip o'er the mountain . . . or the spin of the earth as the sun peers over the horizon, giving warmth and direction to each day .  . exotic scenes and hot spices fills the senses ... . and instills the emotions with a feeling of reverberation . . . 


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