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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sweet and Tender . . . Delight and Bright . . .

It is hard to express perfectly how it feels to lose a loved one. . . and yet, the highly gifted Yvalain, having recently lost a grandparent, was able to so perfectly share the emotions of the heart through this beautiful classically styled lament. This is a tender piece . . . something to help cherish the memories . . . something to help heal the hurt and fill the empty soul.


Tags: piano, new, age, positive, strings

What a lovely dedication and such beautiful music. This musician's love for music emotes through every song she creates. . .  and the gracefulness of her spirit shines even more . .. 
This is what I posted on my blog, Orangeupurple? :

The following poem was inspired while listening to the music of Van Syla: "Finally Free" .. .. 

the eyes of the dolphin
saw the wings of the 'gull
as she flew above mountains
which shadowed the sea . .

the heart of the dolphin
longed for those wings
to fly with the birds
across the great sky

and into the morning . . .
down through the night
the dreams of that fish
were always of flight .  .

mere flesh,
feather, scale, and fur
 the beasts of this earth
never fully share . . .

yet a heartbeat away
a breath taken deep
the warmth of the sun
a love that will keep

a world of water,
as the dolphin flies,
she leaps with a grace
in a soaring bird's eyes . . .

the joy of rapture
the freedom to dream
take just one step
you'll have your wings . . 

This music is so beautiful . . it brings the tears to my eyes . . . it's perfect . . . the sweet strings dancing with the piano . . . it's a dream of a song . . . something to give wings to the listener . . . lift them up with gentle warm breezes . . . let them fly with the music . . . the heart is full of happiness as the soul finds freedom . . . a melody to savor . . .Thank you for the kind dedication!


Tags:  electropop, trancepop, trancetechno, popelectro, tranceelectro

Love this upbeat . . . dance . . . A perfect roll-out of excellent tunes .  .  . It is Jorisma's standard of excellence . . . Totally worth a listen.



  1. What a beautiful music review. Thank you dear Barbara. I enjoyed to discover Van and Jorisma's new songs

  2. I alos enjoyed your beautiful poem

  3. Thank you, Yvalain, for sharing your gorgeous music. Always a special interlude in my day when I listen.

  4. Thank you so much again Barb! I also appreciate very much to be here with my musician friends Yvalain who wrote a beautiful string piece : Rest in Peace and Jorisma who ´s music is so energizing.

  5. You are welcome, Syl! Some of my favorite music comes from you three!