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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Music for the Dreamer . . .

Tags: piano, soundtrack, beautiful, neoclassic, violins

Pianochocolate is always good for a beautiful, piano interlude . . . a dreamy day ensues as one listens and the soul flies into the indescribably beautiful heavens, past the gray clouds and the heaviness of gravity  . . . graceful and melodic . . . the dance of the angels . . . the flow of the stars in the sea . . . the glory of a smile . . . 


Tags: happy, orchestra, moviescore, moviemusic, moviesoundtrack

and dedicated to all the birds of the world . . . Happy, whimsical, motivating and either a soundtrack or electronic game genre. I listened as I worked during my day and found that this lengthy piece had the perfect flow and tempo to generate energy and good feelings. It also generated wild imaginations regarding pirates at sea, and especially one with a parrot . . . The parrot scheming to take over the ship and treasure with the help of all the birds at sea . . . something about a zombie pirate who does his bidding (the parrot's) and the ship sails on . . . but maybe my imagined story is way too out of bounds . . . ahhrrrrr me matey, stop peckin' me with that big beak a yers . . .


Tags: jazz, instrumental, improvisations, bluesjazz, latinjazz

I love jazz, and especially this album, yet I find myself inadequate to write a review . ..
to embellish the emotions or describe the music with flair and exactitude . . . so I leave the musician to describe his own music in his own words:

November Child is designed as a suite (not a random collection) of tunes that include composed and improvised swing jazz, blues and Latin bossa, all at a slow or moderate tempo that, combined in the order of the album, aim at leading the listener through a pattern of moods that are generally darker and more introverted, but also quite intimate. It's the time we contemplate nature shedding its coat of last season while we gather around in warm places to meet friends and family present or from the past, like authors we rediscover from their works.


Tags:  piano, easylistening, smooth, classical, pianosolo

Dedicated to World Peace . . . which in my opinion is possible, one human at a time . . . peace between nations, people and families .  . peace to the animals and all that grows green . . . peace to the oceans and creatures of the deep . . . peace to all things . . . straight from our heart.

The piano slid right into my heart, as I listened and was moved by the melodies of these twelve tracks. The emotions of the musician were wafted like the essence of blossoms on the winds of the environment . . . the music is calming, soothing and lovely. 


Tags:  lounge, world

This piece really harmonizes with my soul as it takes me into the unknown and the deep past . . . a whirlwind of a dream as the heart ticks on and is warmed by the melody . . . Just a short little track but I enjoyed it immensely.



  1. You have no idea how much I like the stories you make up to my music. I made a happy piece and your story made me laugh out loud. (Your story is always close to my theme but still always way beyond my imagination!)

  2. It is a compliment, indeed, to hear such a comment from the master story teller, himself, Mr. GingerTom . . . Thank you for your continuing music and story shares.