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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fly Away With Music . . .

Summer memories and dreams of golden warmth wrap themselves around you, like a favorite blanket, as you listen to these embroidered delicate piano tunes.  .   .  Beautiful memories to take away the chill of Winter's presence . . . 


Herein find the wings to fly and the hope that peace will transform the world of humankind . . . the music from around the world is beautiful and sensitive . . . an emotional charge, an uplifting experience!


This artist always creates some of my favorite relaxation music . . . chill and dream . . .  All the cells of my body experience a tropical island with white sands, the shushing of peaceful waves against the shore and the beauty of blue skies and brilliant sunsets . . Like a vacation of the dreams . . . I can fly away.


Mellow and dreamy . . . this guitar loves my heart and fills me with peaceful memories and pleasant dreams . . . 



  1. Thank you Barbara, you're a great friend, not because you like my music but I think you have the same taste as mijn. With much respect thanks again. Nice kristmas and happy new year soon in 2014.

    Café Del Chillia

  2. You are so welcome, Cafe Del Chillia . . .. and thank YOU for sharing your music! Happy 2014!