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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ZEN . . . Chill . . . RELAX! Take a deep breath . . . and listen . . .

So, what appeals to me, when I am choosing an album to listen to ? Album cover, title, and tags, and often familiarity with the musician helps, but not always. Today's share has all new artists, to me, except for Mancy, one of my all time favorites.  Also mood is a determinant regarding my picks. What was I hungry for today . . .? . . .  Well, as it turned out, relaxing sounds . . . peaceful, sentimental, and ambient.  I also look or a hefty album with plenty of music, and an easy to use widget so I can easily share it on my blogs. 

Tags:  triphop, hiphop, instrumental, ambient, abstract

Echoes of jazz and shadows of star music . . .  I loved this music
and wished it was one long track instead of cut-up like it was . .. 
I loved the ether-worldly connection . . . the transcendental feel . . .
There was enough day-dreamy feelings here to feed the dreams of
an entire sleeping city . . .
(Twenty-one tracks)


Tags:  piano, orchestral, strings, other, guitar

A liquid flow of music . . . like dreams, or balloons floating 
on the breeze . . . perhaps stars fly across the sky, like angels, 
so tender to the raw soul . . . and calms the moment, sweetly,
dancing . . . the sparkle of music (Twelve tracks)


Tags:  lounge, jazz, piano, instrumental, orchestral

Lovely, sentimental with sepia undertones .. .. a slow, daydreamy
style of music.  I loved the concept for this album, "Old Photo,"
which struck me as very imaginative and with a little bit of old
fashioned jazzy sounds . . . it all went well together and added
to the ambience and notes of dreamy memories.  (Fifteen tracks)


Tags:  piano, instrumental, cosmic, chillout, synthesizer

A deliciously delicate flow of music, wraps itself around 
the ears of the listener like a colorful quilt. Perhaps I hear 
the angels sing . . . . and the seasons of eternity
are recharged with the sound of music, dramatic and emotional.
(Four Tracks)


Tags:  newage, soundtrack, cubase, plugin

Twinkling with brightness; like being in a video game . . . 
Visual and happy, upbeat and slightly energizing, sometimes 
almost trancelike . . . Puts a smile on my face! 
Dynamic and shiny! (Seven tracks)


Tags:  ambient, film, soundscape, acoustic, classical

Tender glimpses of eternity, through the depth of a sky
and the resonation of the piano, reverberating through the quiet . . .
Lovely and peaceful! (Three tracks)


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