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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Connection Through Music . . .

Tags: ambient, electroacoustic, worldinstrumental

Something in our DNA responds to the songs wafting to us from our ancient ancestors, spawned deep in their souls as they were sleeping beneath the stars or running through the tundra . . .  Though, today, we may be engulfed by our cities or flinging ourselves into the depths of space, our connection to this mother rock is never shaken. Van Syla's new track, gives "Evidence" of that . .  an earthy, primordial connection rises up through the notes and instrumental sounds like dust from beneath the feet of midnight dancers . . . ancient dust which flies into the sparks of the fire . . . sparks reaching to the stars . . . dancing through time.


Tags: rock, instrumental, experiment, ambient, chillout

Well, I wanted to try something/someone new on Jamendo and I clicked
and clicked until I found something that clicked with me . . . these cool, smooth,
sounds of "electric dog" captivated my ear and made me pause to listen.
And I stayed and stayed through this cool chill which somehow soothed
me . . . filling my soul with insight and dreams . . .


Tags:  piano, instrumental, ambient, poems, synthesizer

Light and pretty, most of this music fills my soul with joy.  I do tend
to like music without vocals much better than those with, but these
were quite striking  . . . and the music was fun.  
This album was all very creative and some of these pieces were
quite attention-getting . . . and made me stop and listen, for sure.


Tags:  metal, techno, instrumental, electronic, electrometal

A very nice surprise . .  this electronic music full of melodies and powerful shots of energy . . . vibrated me into dance and movement and a happy mood . . . Definitely a great listen.


Tags:  instrumental, electronic, relaxing, christmas, tunguska

Enlightening and energizing as usual . . . with exceptional music created by exceptional musicians . . . unique and beautiful! I think everyone on Jamendo drops everything
to listen to Tunguska's newest albums . . . always a delight!


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