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Friday, January 3, 2014

11:11 P.M.

Interesting time to look at the clock . . . IS there something significant about seeing those numerals on your chronometer? There are many who seem to think so . . . Whatever . . . it was at that moment, I looked at my computer's clock that I decided to make this blog entry . . . The numerical ones seemed to float there for an inordinate amount of time and I gazed until that changed . . . I was listening to this first album on my list and decided I liked it . . . and wanted to share:

Tags:  dance, instrumental, beats, experimental

I would reference this music as experimental chill . . . interesting and ear catching, it offers energy and relaxation all in the same box . . . The instruments used were diverse and appealing while folding each piece's experience into a smoothly ordered goal oriented path . . . Some of the vocals were like a pebble dropped into a smooth pond . . . sometimes creating a chilling surrealism, and the percussions and beats were often compelling and vivacious . . . Overall this was a very appealing album . .. quite lengthy with twenty-four tracks . ..  set your player and enjoy!


Tags:  soundtrack, movie, classical, videogame, electronical

Dramatic and visual, intrepid and fluid . . . this music describes itself as soundtracks with personality often do . . . with visceral energy and depth using a flow of strings, electronic stimulations, or varieties of percussive beats to describe a story . . . this music drives home the vision. Very nice!


Tags:  jazz, groove, instrumental

This album played well with my senses . . . straight forward, electric guitar bluesy/jazz . . . great beats and warm, with mild energy and expressiveness . . . excellent for background music and plain listening.


Tags:  piano, emotional, impressionism, pianosolo, acoustics

Basic emotional piano . . . fine and well-tuned . . .  I am always so pleased when I can find some good plain piano playing . . . the best for expressing sentimental feelings and impassioned drama . . . This album's music ranged in personality from the ecstatic to the melodic poignant thoughtful pieces . . .  and was a treat for my listening ear.


Tags:  mystic, desert, orchestra, themes, arabian

One of the latest albums by GT . . . with his entertaining dialogue between the movie critics,  Sissy and Herbert, regarding this fantastical thematic music for a movie of the mind. (Say THAT five times without tripping on your tongue) . .. . ."Desert Dreams" is dedicated to the memory of Peter O'Toole and the music is dreamy and beautiful as a magical voyage across the sea of sand!


Tags:  ambiental, soundscape, chilloutlounge, relaxing, pianoinstrumental

Dreamy and exotic as heavenly angelic song, with bell-like sounds echoing into the horizon, while filling the atmosphere of the listener with a peacefulness and a heart stirring reverie . . . This album holds true to its foundation and is a lovely listen for a lazy afternoon . . . 



  1. Thank you for the review Wolfsong. By-the-way, time really does stand still when we look at it--I haven't aged for the last five years.

  2. Thank you for your review, I really appreciate it.

  3. You are welcome, Vins and GT. I hope time stands still for the next five years, for you too, GT . . . Be Well!