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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some Old Friends and Others . . .

Today, I decided to go through Orangeupurple's emails and have a good "toss-out" and organization of the thousands of emails left behind when I deserted that user on Jamendo. If you remember I switched from "Orangeupurple" to Wolfsong.thePoet as a type of clarification of my style of review (remember I am not trained in music).  I am also being a bit nostalgic in regards to the old days on Jamendo .  .  . the artists and listeners having such great conversations and interactions . . . and that whole bit about "Saving Jamendo." What an adventure . . . and I think we did save Jamendo . . . although it is a bit changed and we no longer have those great conversations and arguments . . .

I am re-reading some of the old 'thank-you for reviews,' and tons and tons of pleas to listen . . .  So . . . having been enticed to listen to some old albums and re-listening to old friend's music . . . I am pulling out a few to share with you.

Le Pandorien shines at his best when he is doing his piano improvisations . . . His every dream shining out through his dancing fingers as they express his heart through those black and whites . . . This latest album is one of his best. He has greatly improved over time and I do look forward to even newer albums . . .. Some of his older albums were so creative and full of story .. .. yet often had the background sounds of his environment pushing through . . . So, now I think he has new equipment because the sound is so much better. Delightful album!


Oh my word, but I love this guy's music! He hasn't made anything new on Jamendo for several years . . . . . . but what he did share is still there and very much relevant to the discerning ears. This was his last album and a delight as usual although some of the tracks are very short. I think he enjoyed making music for videos and video games.


Although, recommended by a friend years ago, I never listened before today! This German rock group has made some excellent stuff to share . . . love the female vocalist . . . love the striking guitar . . . love the whole package!  Having made a search for more recent stuff from them, I have found that they have existed up through 2011 and not since then. Perhaps they have disbanded and the individuals have found other platforms . . . however, the group still has 25 tracks (three albums) still up on Jamendo for the listen and download . . . enjoy!


Red Puma has been one of my favorites for quite some time. Most of his albums have disappeared, but this one remains and gives the flavoring of the exotic styles that he produced for Jamendo . . . I never knew anything about him but I do know that my eyes lit up when I saw his name on the latest production lists . . . So here is a sampling . . . and very tasty indeed!


Haven't heard these guys before .  .  . but so enjoying their house styled dance . . . the distant voices adding such a cool emphases to the music. This album was recommended by a friend, so, thank you friend . . . belated, but still . . . This music was so mesmerizing and energizing . . . glad I finally decided to listen . . .


So, let's end this posting with a soft, peaceful . .  note . . . something to give you wings and an uplifted spirit:

KOLDMusic has been one of my old favorites . . .  always some of the finest ambient, new-age, fantasy . . .  enjoy your dreams . . . and find your peace!


Please note that I will continue with this enterprise . . . bringing back old memories and old friends . . . music that is still great no matter how old and finding some of the most wonderful music from beneath the dust . . . 

and thank you for listening . . . .


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