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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Music Rises Like Incense to the Heavens . . .

This album by Sarah King and Laurent Danis is beautifully put together . . . That sexy voice of Sarah's speaks for itself, drawing the listener into the sweet dreams of the lyrics . . . and the gentle music of Laurent's is the perfect embracing of such tender song . . . Overall this is an excellent album to take on a love trip . . . or enjoy during dreamy moments . . . As Sarah said, "Although they appear to be about romantic love there is a deeper spiritual element that convey my longing and union with everything. Naked for example can be taken literally or as a stripping of all the covers, emotion, personality, pride etc."  


The first track had such a unique sound . . . not so gray, but more like leaves dancing in the sunshine making the tree branches wave to and fro . . .  and the sunlight, shifts around warming the faces
of those around . . .  I think this is one of the most interesting tracks I've heard lately . . . it entrances me . . . taking me on trips through the environments of my dreams . . . This music was like waves, traveling over my ego . . . calming my heart encouraging me . . .  and yet opening the world, an endless city full of sound . . .the eternity of space . . . A beautiful swirling of colorful gases . . . colors I have never seen . . .  a gray most sublime . . .


I am never, ever, disappointed in the smooth, captivating voice of PERSSON's electric guitar. This musician has a signature sound that uses some fire and energy mixed with a cool laid back bluesy feeling . . . I would call these tunes . . . hopeful blues because of the spark and lilt incorporated into the melody . . . always a HUGE pleasure to find one of his albums here. 
(note: at this point the album is difficult to find and download, as there is a problem on Jamendo which they are aware of and will fix soon)


Yummy . ..  another delightful guitarist . ..  that first track is so captivating that you will find yourself enraptured by that stunning bluesy personality . . .. this album's music is smooth and cool in temperature and flows like spring water as it seeks the sea . .. 


OKay! As soon as I clicked play . . . my feet started tapping and dancing so where will they take me? Away into the bright and exciting new day; into a photo album of memories; or dreams of love, and occasionally an expressive wistfulness .. . This is an excellent, rocking album; strongly reminiscent of the Beatles, with an interesting twist at every turn of the page . . . I think I was most impressed by the song: "Yug Siht" which incorporated some exciting beats and brilliantly cool energies with mysterious vocals threading in and out giving emphases to this upbeat piece   . . . I think these guys are romantic dreamers . . . putting a smile on the listener's face and a happy hope in the heart. Yvalain is known for putting together some excellent bands producing, as usual, an altogether wonderful gift!


Sea to Sky by Carlos Schwarz

This is a Magnatune album which has bewitched me completely . .. Since I have discovered it, I rarely pass a day without listening . . . there is something in the voice and the sweet violin which touches my heart and expands there like a tender memory or dream . . . luscious and light . .  with wings and honey. . . . . find a warmth in this music . . . where a visionary existence comforts the confounded . . .


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