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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let the Day be Filled with Music!

I don't know about you . . . but sometimes I need a little push to get my butt in gear and get moving . . . sometimes a little energizing music can accomplish what, for me, will-power alone can not do . . . so listening to some trance or dance gets me livened up a bit . . . and here is an exceptionally well done little album . .  gave me wings and energy juice . . . Every tune a unique delight . . . energy vibes throbbing like extra heart beats . . . WOW!


Now if you need some energizing music . . . but not the kind that forces you to dance, as the previous album does, you could always turn to Project System 12's music . . . His long playing albums have many energizing twists to the melodies . . . I think of these pieces as having positive spirited vitality . . . with a heart calming, yet uplifting personality. I have picked this one to share, but check out his page for others . . . So many and all so good!


One of my favorite Jamendo artists, of old, is Sean T Wright, and his passionate expressions of delight and energy. . .  revealing his thoughts of life and love in this world via a hot, rocking guitar and his vocals . . . For a while he was publishing an album a month . . . all free to listen and download! Check out his page on Jamendo and elsewhere on the Internet.


Now for some calming lounge, to set the mood and the table for the evening meal . . . the candles glow and couples dance in a close embrace . . . the mood is one of happy chatter and twinkling stars . .. . 


Before sleeping we must calm our energies and our chattering brains and with this music we can end the day on a relaxing note .. .  a place to retreat and dream of beauty . . . to float in the arms of our guardian angels and breathe deeply of gentle summer breezes and calming rains . . . feel the kiss of the rainbow and drink of cool waters as they tumble from the mountain heights . . .


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