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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Electric Waves: April 28 new reviews and something from the past . . .

Jorisma, "Playing with my harmony"

Jorisma, one of my favorite techno electronic musicians . . . always makes me smile with his sparkling sounds, upbeat and vivid explosions of sound . . . Listen and get carried away with the energy and dance with the mood . . .Enjoy! 


Tort IV, "Patchwork of blends"

I've been enjoying these peaceful sounds for several hours and continue to melt within this soothing music . . . "The Pang" with its deep cello voice and introspective, melancholic flow was so inspiring . . .  "Tribute To Xylophone" had my feet tapping and a smile on my face . .  loved those drippy sounds . . . 


christo4us, "fivehundredfiftyfive"

A range of lovely tunes with genres from dramatically cinematic, to peacefully interstellar . . . This album takes you on a long ride through your dreams and into your reality . .  live it, love it . . . 


Imaginary Soundtrack Project, "Sky Rituals"

Deep and glorious, the sounds of nature, in particular the call of the birds in their wild element, was stunningly gorgeous . . . the music itself was always deferring to this inspiring nature, and yet, carried itself like a crown, adding emotional vision with the sound of harmonious, instrumental melodies . . . These soundscapes along with the tempo of the music came through to this listener . . . like a heartbeat . . . a song of the soul. Ever so beautiful . . .  (9-16-12)


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