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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let There Be Music . . . April 21 and others . . .

Ken Verheecke, "Autumn Reflections"


I don't know how I missed this when it first came out .. .. but this is specially good . . . an acoustic guitar playing sweet, warm, easy-listening music . .. every tune brings calm and a peaceful spirit . . .very relaxing!

As a matter of fact . .  check out some of his other albums . ..


Today's Review: 

NICOCO, "Bidule"

Seventeen magical melodies . . . a smile on my face as I listen . . . There was a strong visual appeal bringing tales to the mind as the listener contemplates the various sounds and song . .. This musician paints with vivid colors . .  demanding attention and connection with the music . . . Some dark and dreamy . . . others bright and happy . . . 


Olegnov, "Apache"


A tapestry of changing colors, emotions . . . wisps of sound floating like incense, the instruments shining like a halo, guiding the senses into flight and exploration . . . dreams and visions . . . The sound of music whirled around me and calmed and lifted my spirits . . this is a lovely album . . ) the music is exquisite! And the cover is gorgeous . . . :-D

(I had complained about the previous album cover and the artist changed it . . .


Juozapas, "Day and Night"


This is quite a striking album . . . beautiful, stunning music . .. peaceful and quite captivating . . . an elegance of sound and a beautifully balance album cover. This one has been around since the beginning of July and somehow I missed it . . . but here it has emerged to flow into my heart and soul and be a soothing delight . . . It has inspired my poetic side and will be featured in my blog soon . . along with the poem I wrote while listening . . . Some of these songs are so tender that they are like the effervescent dew . . . delicate and ephemeral . .. tending the moment with intense peace and vision . .


Marc Robberttson, "Trio Jazz"


Everything from the sweetly romantic strings of "Paolo Music" to the cool jazz/hiphoppy song of "Epsilone," these pieces kept me listening for hours . . . This is a well put together album . . a lovely addition to any jazz collection . . .


Anitek, "Anitek - Calm & Collect Vol.3"


My impression is of a calm, if somewhat jazzy album; and with a good seasoning of triphop elements . . . it gives the feeling of having taken the listener into a timeless zone or an old fantasy . . various sounds and beats, voices, and melodies . .. whirled around me in a beautifully stitched together crazy quilt composition . . . finding nooks and corners of my listening mind . . enacting mental visions, dreams and imaginations . . . perhaps there is a story in all this . . . I feel as if I were on the edge of capturing it . .. This was mostly smooth listening with a little edginess to give some vivacity . . an exceptionally good listen . . so listen . .


ZmeiRaduga, "Dreams of Dancing Dingo"


Listen to these mind popping sounds and take yourself back to the primordial; at the beginnings of this earth . . deep chantings, percussion, flutes and didgeridoo . . . the creator vocalizes. . . and dreams are created . . .

The artist or artists of "Green Ants," "I breathe - I speak - I breathe" and "Live 2007" never fails to entertain me; open my awareness; inspire me, and invest some creativity into my spirit. My soul is revived and I am ready to dance around the open fire under the endless stars . .. and I know that my dreams will take me on a journey of discovery . . .. Very very impressive!

I also have a ZmeiRaduga playlist:



Global World Friends, "Electro-Pop vol.1"


FLY > > > > My heart began to race . .. to beat with the tempo and the music gave me the feeling of flying . . high into an effervescent ether . . past galaxies and stars . . . this is the kind of "high" I love. To feel the excitement and freedom and strength of the wings imparted by the music. .. . This is inspiring, enlightening and very enjoyable . .. What a thrill to find all these fantastic musicians under one lovely album cover . .. giving their all from the heart of the musician to the listener's ears. . .. I sure hope to hear more from this group of friends!
Now I'm just going to listen and dance around my environment like a shining light . .. in the coolness of the morning air and the music . .. I will fly like an ever-shining spark . . . energized and smiling . ..




Magic as usual, as I told my FaceBook friends . . . These pieces are bright and sparkling like the stars in the night sky or the sun upon the face of the waters . . . and these pieces are treasures . . . to be enjoyed, listened to and added to playlists, used in videos, etc . . . or daydream of a great fantastic trip into the cosmos . . .


Marco Brena, "Out of this door"


Free spirit piano, improvisation . . . emotional, moody, dramatic . . creative, poetic, violent, passionate, . . inspiring, exotic, visionary even a little avant-garde . . . AND all around enjoyable . . . I imagined a play, in five parts, as a piano soliloquy, regarding the artist's angst and desire to see all of existence . . to not to miss anything and yet with the oppressive feeling that as time goes on, he finds that so much of life is unobtainable . . . unseen, unheard, not felt, untasted . . . like an open door with an invisible shield through which one cannot pass . . one can only sense the endlessness of undiscovered joys and beauties . . . yet trials and fire remain in the soul of this sufferer . .. and I too understand this quest . ..


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