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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Older Reviews and Shares (January 2013)

Fabio Santangelo, "The Italian Bluesman"


Lively and full of bright, catchy bubbles . . these rocking blues are superb with a keyboard that just lifts your heart . . . I loved the heartbeat and rocking sounds of "Nightmare." Fabio is fabulous . . . I sing as I dance around the house . . . and through my dreams . . .


Singing Sands, "The Inmutant Opera"


The vocals, the concept, lyrics and all . . . have been folded together to make a seamless . . . excellent rock-opera concept album . . This is a great story with an accompanying web page, packed full of comic books and videos to attend the story . . . I prefer just listening to this fantastic album . . . http://www.theinmutantopera.com/


Antiqcool, Antiqcool Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Vol 2


Mellow guitar . . . folksy and relaxing . .. sit by the fire and enjoy these instrumental/acoustic guitar pieces. . .


Stefano mocini, "Collection"


An album for dreaming . . . yes! The piano is especially ephemeral . .. a delicate balance between emotional and uplifting . .. Simply beautiful!


Noblemo "electro,techno,house"; "Reality"


Noblemo's music is always full of light and motion . . . usually focused on the piano, he adds various instrumental or vocal sounds to embellish on his theme . . . These were lovely and quite wonderful as background music . . giving me energy and bounce and making my feet tap happily as I did my work.


Global World Friends, "Ambient/Downtempo vol.2"


Delightful and dreamy! This album is a very special treat, full of the nicest ambient sounds . . . music created by some of the best Jamendo musicians. Cool . . . with a positive flow, these slow melodies fill the heart with peacefulness and calm . . . Excellent!


Morris Masters, "Late Morning Blues"


Mornings are meant to be peaceful, quiet and contemplative . . . and that's what this lovely bluesy music brings with it . . yet with a unique flavor of a style that is Morris's own (Hoping he feels better soon) . . . the guitar and vocals carry a warmth that is reminiscent of sunshine dreams and that lonely feeling of being awake late at night when no one else is there . . . there is a whisper in the air . . the voice of Morris, rough around the edges, yet full of emotion is like a moth struggling towards the light of the moon . . .


Truman, "Flying (Single)"


Flying . .. one of my favorite occupations . . . when I am stressed and need a cool breeze under my wings, I turn to music, which lifts and inspires, like this piece . . .Beautifully constructed so as to flow and soar like a bird on the air currents . . . After listening to this, I find that I can hardly wait till the album comes out . .. This was spectacular . . . the sound of vision that grips the soul and gives it what it needs . .. . 

Truman, "Dream Groove7 (Single)"


A jazzy piano to warm your heart . . slightly offbeat, kind of avant-garde perhaps . . . I liked this personable piece . . . made me think of meandering in the beautiful N.W. of this country . . where the setting sun paints brilliant pictures against a royal blue . . and tall trees sway in the passing breezes . . .


Hughs Will, "Hai Kyu"


Something so beautiful, comes this way, like a rivulet on a summer's day . . The sparkling light and the cool breezes are all expressed by the flow of the piano . .
Sweet daydreams and deep slow breaths are the signs of relaxation . .. each song here, a poem . . . taking the listening mind into a vista . . the golden vision of the pianist . . . These are wonderful piano pieces . . .


Laurent Danis, "Under the storm"


I have been searching for peaceful music . . and found it here . . it is as if the outside world, so full of mayhem and trouble, rages on beyond an invisible shield . . . for I have shelter from the storm. The music, smooth and calm . . . at times warm, at times cool . . . fills my heart with inner peace and comfort . . . the sounds are bordering on the exotic and yet filled with the familiar . .. A Wonderful listen!


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