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Monday, April 15, 2013

Global World Friends, "Downtempo-Ambient vol. 1"


There were two or three, here, that I liked better than the others; yet when I listened to it again . . . I found others that suited my mood . . Overall this was an excellent album . . . bright with life and energy . . emotional with dreams and joy . . . peaceful with ambience and heart . . .

These artists are all very talented . . . they gave us the gift of enlightenment to join their world and find the calm waters . . and I thank them for sharing . . .


Deus King, "Memories"


To start off, a nice country bluesy tune which gets your boots tapping and your mood light and happy . . . and then a sweet slide into the sentimental "Memories." I just loved that jazzy, "Simple Days" which was a piece with character and eccentricity. "One Two" was like a cha cha cha . . . and had me dancing and smiling. Then, "Listen" had and exotic, mysterious flavor . . . Each tune is an unique personality unto itself . . . This music is creative, dynamic and pleasant to the ears .. . . Overall a showcase of this musician's diverse musical talent. . . . and very enjoyable . ..


Noblemo "piano,soundtrack,lounge, "Transported"


Here we have music, where the percussion or the piano is wild and free, riding over the laid back instrumentals . . Sparkling and happy this music is upbeat and positive and guaranteed to put the listener into a good mood as they listen to these energizing and exciting pieces . . . Some of the tunes have a jazzy feel and give that inner sunshine that is so appealing for this kind of music . . .


Vladimir Sterzer, "Black Mirrors"


The heart of the listener melts when the first notes arise, like a vapor of scented roses, .. . imparting tender emotions and giving the wings to fly over the landscape painted by the musician. These piano pieces are mellow, and gentle, giving the impression that the musician is sharing his heart . . there are happy moments and sad . . . melancholic and sentimental . . . always beautifully expressed . . from one heart to the other . .. touching and tender . . . the dreams of the soul.


Sergey Kovchik, "The sky and the roofs"


From the hilarious romps, to the sentimental heart-toucher, to the grandiose waltz . . . these pieces were so well created and defined with musical sounds that enthralled and captivated the senses and imagination . . . I listened to this creative album for hours today . . . finding new nuances and favorite moments each time I listened anew . . . I think my favorite is "Dance On The Spot" which introduced itself with some fine sounding percussion and progressed, with shining strength, through some unique stop and go music . . . interesting, vivid sounds and instruments!


Pascal SER'JACOBS, "Surrealism..❤.!!"


This album is full of dreamy spaces, moments of floating through the Universe and a heart touching love of beauty, which is expressed through the voices of the music . . . I think you could drive down a mundane freeway, listening to this music, and find yourself taking off into the cosmos . . . your vision filled with stars and galaxies . . . the unknown presenting itself to you in the opening of a star gate . . . and you fly free . .. Pascal's style of music is always full of hope and sincerity; celestial, beautiful . .


Imaginary Soundtrack Project, "Sky Rituals"


Deep and glorious, the sounds of nature, in particular the call of the birds in their wild element, was stunningly gorgeous . . . the music itself was always deferring to this inspiring nature, and yet, carried itself like a crown, adding emotional vision with the sound of harmonious, instrumental melodies . . . These soundscapes along with the tempo of the music came through to this listener . . . like a heartbeat . . . a song of the soul. Ever so beautiful . . .


Francesco, "Réflexions"


A slow walk near a silver pond.....
while a pair of swans float serenely by
and seem to be held aloft
in the crystal blue sky . . .
a cool breeze caresses my cheek,
and the sweet scent of blossoms
wafts near
touching my soul
while the music calms my stresses
and I feel at peace . . .

A beautiful album ... designed to free me from fear and sadness . . . and lifts the stresses from my environment . . . a healing is in process . . . a moment is filled in with the twinkling stars and an angel's touch . . Gorgeous and serene . . . - M^^W -

>>> An old review of mine . . . I enjoy listening to this album anytime I need to de-stress . . .


Schwarzweiss, "Untiteled"


So full of living . . dreams and melodies . .. there is laughter and there is sadness . . . and somehow too . . . I find the sky . .. it tells me of forever, and the teardrops of angels . . . like sunshine and shadow . . . is sorrow and joy . . eternal the passion . . . essential the love . . . peace, like feathers on the snow . .. memory fills my vision and takes me to my heart . . . Music, purely Beautiful!


mondebeau, "Les talons hauts"


Instant smile . . . these sparkling sounds make me dance to the happy tempo of "Les Talons Hauts" . . these beautiful pieces are an immediate hit with me . . including the sweet and gentle "L'ile De Sainte Lucie" . . .. I think I'll let it play for a while, and let this album paint my atmosphere with the swirling pastels of peaceful dreams .. .


Jim Tersol, "Flying in a dream"


Both sentimental and sweet, guitar . . . keyboard . . .
uplifting and dreamy . . a real pleasure to listen to . . .


Attila B. Horvath, "Falling Star (single)"


Beautiful . . . even breathtaking . .. how does one feel when observing a fall star? A momentary flash of light, expanding our horizons as it streaks across a night black sky . . . our hearts leap up to meet it . . . This song is a bluesy, electrified guitar piece which lifts the listener into that emotional zone . . . just as one feels when catching a falling star … . Very nice! I sure hope to hear more from this artist . .


These are the last of my reviews from page five (going backwards) of my forum thread: Album shares with my thoughts and reviews . . . I got a lot of nice responses from the artists but I will not be placing them here . . .  I discovered many albums disappeared, and found many forgotten treasures which I have been enjoying again . . . 

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