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Friday, April 19, 2013

Music of the Angels . . . some older reviews from August 2012

Stefano Mocini, "Once we were angels (single)"


Stefano, you leave me nearly wordless . . .

I am so grateful that something I said, inspired you . . . because your music has inspired me so often . . .

I think, Stefano, you are one of very few, who hasn't forgotten to be an angel . . .
this song arches overhead with the sound of wings and the feeling of peace and love . . . it speaks of the soul, heart and spirit of you . . .

I am moved!

Also, thank you Stefano for letting me know that I inspired you with my words . . . it comforts me and gives me reason to go on:



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Tom La Meche, "En haut et en bas"


Imaginative and captivating . . . these were somewhat exotic, especially the second track as I wasn't sure how to classify that very creative piece . . it had a beautiful sound, with intoxicating vocals and a driven beat that gave you the feeling you were elsewhere . . . The first track, "Un Autre…." was sweetly jazzy . . . and calming with a sound that twinkled as it melted over your soul .. . shining under the stars . . capturing the tenderness of a cool evening . . a beautiful album overall . . .


O.Z.O.N., "Ozomattic"


This lovely album was my "faithful friend" all afternoon . . giving me energy when I was on the wane . . .. and lightening my spirits, giving me dreams and inner color.
There was not one track that stood out above the other . .. yet they all had an unique flavor which contributed to the whole overall brilliant incense of this delightful album


Salvataria, "Eastern Dreams"


I like this music . .. it fills my day with serenity and peace .. . .it gives some bright bubbles of light which sparkle in my atmosphere and I am soothed . .. it can play for hours without becoming old . . . and it influences my spirit to create . .. 

Posted: http://orangeupurple.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-spare-moment.html


Nouria, "Light of Being"


Beautiful! I was quite impressed by "Bridge of Heart" where those drums walked all over the place . .. building an image in my soul . ..
These instrumental pieces are very nicely done . .. some of which were very unique, such as "Angel Dance" which was so captivating and the previously mentioned piece . . .. there were moments when my feet danced, spectacularly . . .


MrDane, "Flight Over Izdan"


Quiet, peaceful, poetic . . the piano makes me feel as if I were floating . . relaxed and dreamy . . .


PeerGynt Lobogris, "Eternal MoonSet"


The music of LoboGris is always a favorite of mine . .. invariably it puts a smile on my face . . .. the guitar has a special signature which simply flies with wings of steel and strength . . . and the listening soul is filled with uplifting, chilled winds . . .
This artist has been able to use various sounds and instruments, vocals and percussions alongside the guitar with tremendous effect . . . devising inspirational visions and emotions in the listener. . . .
BUT . . . always listen for that amazing guitar of his . . . which I envision with flames of hot fire and brilliant lightning . . ..
I was especially excited by "Earth Cry to Heaven" which moved me with the piano, drums, vocals, flute, . . . the rolling and flowing aspects of new-age music . . . and those special moments with the guitar . .


MAG. Mokrane Akim Gilles, "2012"


Impressive! These excellent guitar pieces will take you back in memory . .. some mellow and others energizing . . .I loved that funky "Winter Blast," and that beautiful instrumental, "Nothing" . . . which reminded me of a game I used to play long ago . . . and made me think of long voyages . . Beautiful album, overall . .


Antonio Torres Ruiz, "Music Inspired by Films"


Though the title was uninspiring . .. the music was superb! I have been playing this album throughout the day yesterday and today . .. it is perfect as uplifting background, ambient atmosphere, and inspiring, . . . something to keep the listener awake, yet calms the nerves . . Very pretty music, lovely, smooth compositions.

The Title was changed to "Mystical Land" !!


Kosmoze, "Solstice"


Perfect . . I had this playing in the background while I worked and daydreamed; probably, mostly daydreamed . . . the music is smooth and lovely, excellent new age pieces. Hope this artist continues with this style and produces more albums for Jamendo . .


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