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Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreaming in the Sunshine . . .

A woman by the Star tipi in Blackfoot camp. Early 1900s. Glass lantern slide by Walter McClintock. Source -Yale Collection of Western Americana, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Going back through Jamendo . . . Looking for good stuff which I might have missed . . . I found a few things to share . . . Some easylistening, chill, classical, experimental . . . stuff I like and I hope you do to. Some of these artists are familiar to me and a couple are new.  So let's check them out:


Arnoldsrecords is an old favorite of mine.  He puts so much thought, energy and creativity into his compositions that the listener is constantly aroused . . . listening with attention, and fascinated by the images generated through this dynamic music.  It is well worth your time to go to his music pages and listen . . . 'tis the gift and passion of creativity which shines forth from this album.


Peter Kind is another dear favorite of mine.  He DID name a song  Wolfsong, which had one of the nicest melodies I've ever heard.  This album has his vocals carried up by his beautiful piano and instrumental melodies.  Peter's music is so rich with emotion and sentimentality . ..  one doesn't need to know the language to have tears in their eyes or understand the lyrics to recognize the human spirit and heart behind the composition.  Music most beautiful!


Got some great chilly, jazzy, easylistening stuff on this album . ..  nice music to play for dinner or an evening of relaxation.  I enjoyed this album and found each piece to have its own personality and perspective . ..  


Alicia Sevilla has two albums on Jamendo . . . both are exceptional works of creative art . . . relying on the piano, framed via percussion, wind, string, or other vibrant instruments. I find her work fascinating, dynamic, poetic and most profound. 


Enjoy . . . the music of Maluto is beautiful and relaxing . .  just as advertised and
two whole albums of it . . . These pieces are great for just listening or
using as film score or background to daily life . . . Some of the pieces
leave an uplifting sensation to the heart . . . healing and calming. Very enjoyable!



  1. Hello, I am Peter Kind and this is the translation of the first song on the album
    Fu una bella estate/it was a beautiful summer

    and my father laughing with my mother
    sitting in the kitchen listening to the radio
    we were playing with brushes in water making drawings on the wall on fire
    it was a beautiful summer that the summer 80s ago
    I do not remember the exact year but 'remained in a photo in an album that I
    the songs sung near a fire, love blossomed but did not last long
    and ice cream, the beach, bike rides in the evening on the wall with friends
    it was a beautiful summer that the summer 80s ago
    I do not remember the exact year but 'remained inside me all

  2. WOW, Peter . . . thanks for that lovely translation. . . it has the dreamlike quality of memories . . . poetic.

  3. and this is the translation of the second song

    sorridi (una preghiera per te) / smile

    're not useless, so 'smile and do not stand to think that dreams do not sell anything, are the city of smokestacks in your self.
    then you laugh in spite of those who do not know how to do
    sadly if you want to laugh but to find the strength
    laugh even to God he knows you're there
    even without a voice,
    even without eyes to look at you,
    Laugh as you can, everyone will know about you,
    disassembles the scene of this stage not be a mask
    the light is not in the day, the light is you.

  4. sorry, my English is not very fair