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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Renewal . . .

Claude Monet Les Coquelicots

Ken Verheecke offers us a warm guitar, a dreamy rhythm, and a heartfelt melody . . . our soul is enlightened and happy as we listen . . "It's time to fly," indeed!


Unique and interesting . .. a type of artistic music which moves the listener to pay attention. Roberto gives us a delightful definition of music which is bright and saucy, beautiful and loquacious . . . using a mix of melodies, instruments, and styles to create a patchwork quilt of color and design . . . and leading us into visions and dreams, drawing out the creativity within us all.


At times eerie and unearthly . . . as if the voices of the stars or the breath of the angels came to our ears . . . simply divine . .. this album whisks the listener away into the ether where dreams are often unsettled and visions are vivid. This album by Sonus Laboratorium is creative and delightful.


Uplifting and beautiful . .  the warmth of the piano dances in our heart . . . a joyful contentment is present as the listener attends to this music by Spinozar.


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