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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Alone in the Music . . .

"Automat" by Edward Hopper


From relaxing casual, to jazzy/ bluesy rock, or wistfully classical . . . This electronic music, especially that expressive guitar,  made my rainy day a delightful one.


This artist always posts such beautiful music, commanding, talented and articulate . .. A piano quietly comments, gently and with atmospheric sounds . . .  the vocals and other instruments dream and expound in their special ways to add to each brush stroke, each colorful nuance as the music progresses. These compositions are like classical paintings . . . always so much to note and so emotional, full of life and color  . . . with beauty rampant. . . It is important to note that though Julien Boulier publishes so much music, he puts great care and creativity into each unique piece.


Wonderful sounds . . . sometimes experimental and interesting; wild or calming; expressive and unique .. .  but always a really wonderful listen.  I especially love the acoustic guitar, as in the last track, with its mellow voice and peaceful jazzy melody . . . 


I was happy as I listened to these piano pieces . . . so sublime and whimsical . ..  with delightful images and heart touching fervor and sentiment . . . they found a place in my permanent piano collection . . . 


As I listened to this long artistic soft rock piece .. .. the clouds began to part and a few golden rays touched my environment and warmed my spaces . . . but the music feels exotic and mysterious, dark and quiet . . . a dreamy pace with visions of quiet rain touching the flesh and flowing into the sea . . . This was beautiful and made me want to listen to more from this musician. 


Popping and upbeat . . . this music got right to the heart of the matter . . . dance through your rainy days . . . dance through the dark . . . and give voice to the joys of the rain as it beats to the tempo  . . . 


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