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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Healing the Broken Hearted . . .

The Empty Chair by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes
I am sharing lots of music today. I am still moved by the loss of Robin Williams . .  . still with tears standing in my eyes . . . and it gives me the feeling that I want to reach out to others and draw them into my "safe realm" somewhere in my heart . . . I wish I could fix all the sorrow and heartbreak in this world . . . I wish I could heal everyone . . . The best I can do is be a friend . . . so here . . . here is some music for you to listen to . .  enjoy!

South O'Mike's Tribute to GingerTom (The "Zodiac Suite"):


One of my favorite artists on Jamendo is JCRZ, with music which makes you fly . . .
vibrant, or calming and spacey . . .  cool electronic music which I always picture as the color "Flaming Blue" . . 
He is always generous with his music . . . lots of it on his albums and I like to just
click start and be energized.


Lovely and articulate . . . this music speaks to the heart.
There is a certain atmospheric quality to these works . . . gentle
yet breezy in the soul.


Sometimes a drone and sometimes newage; ambient and dreamy . . . but always nice
and soothing . . . great electronic sounds with a smooth flow.  This music would
be great with a science fiction story, a night under the stars . . . or a sea-side dream time. 


This moody, emotional triphop music is quite expressive and mesmerizing.
Lots of different colors and visions in these pieces . . . I find them quite relaxing
and beautiful.


Beautiful!  The music had an ambient sentimental turn which
sometimes comes across as a little dramatic. These pieces would be great
as soundtrack or something to relax with while reading a book
or eating dinner or daydreaming . . .


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