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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Dance of the Soul . . .

Andrew Wyeth - Harlequin


Fascinating and different with faint echoes of ethnic sounds and vocals. This is quite a pleasant little album and I definitely want to hear more from this creative artist.


This album has an energizing, yet relaxing flow of music which might galvanize the listener
to run with the wind, or smell the flowers . . . or fly with the angels . .. 
but it definitely inspires one to be creative . . . and dream . . . The electric
guitar has a bluesy tinge and the vocals are wistful and poetic. Beautiful!


The heart of the seasons is Spring . . . where dreams thrive and love abounds . .. 
and hope is in full bloom . . . This music has an Asian soul and flows from
dramatic and passionate to peaceful and sublime.


Piano music is my heart and soul . . . The piano seems more human than any other instrument and thus when the finger stumbles or weeps . . . the piano, like a human heart, responds . . . These are lovely.

My friend, Ginger Tom, BELIEVES . . . and you can relate to his belief through his music. One of the most creative and emotionally vivid composers on Jamendo . . . his light will shine for a very long time. This music gives wings to the listener and it has the additional gift of being accompanied by a beautiful story . . . or is that the other way around . . . whatever . . .. You should click on the link and go read it!



  1. As always, thank you Wolfsong for your kind words.

  2. You are so welcome! Thank YOU for sharing your music!

  3. You are so kind...Thank you very much!! A big hug from Germany!


  4. Thank YOU Kai for sharing your music . . Hope to hear more from you!